...I won the BigDave Virtual Grey Cup Challenge (VGCC). :x

It slightly eases the pain of seeing my ALOUETTES lose. :cry:

However, this is nothing compared to the pain you will all suffer at the hands of my bragging rights. :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, that is right, for the next 12 months I am the beholder of the bragging, because that is what the winner of VGCC wins. :twisted:

Wherever two people argue about something, i'll be there to shut them up.
Wherever some guy thinks he knows football, i'll be there to destroy his beliefs.
Wherever facts lurk, i will be there to contradict them so reality fits the views of the beholder of bragging... me! :smiley:

From Coast to Coast (until the next referendum) I will spread destruction on your coach potatoe's ass. Why? Because winning the VGCC makes me better than all of you. 8) :lol:

And to start right now, I will say this: what a great victory for the Alouettes! Another Grey Cup in the bank! :shock:

P.S.: Big thanks to BigDave for his work. I was waiting for him to post the final results, but the game did end about 15 hours ago. :?:

lol. congrats champs.

I have an assist on that victory bud !

Congrats :slight_smile:

Congrats, I think...

Well well well, the almighty UglyandHasty, WHO LOST, now wants part of the glory. Boo Ouh! :cry:

Here is what he is saying:
I have an assist on that victory bud !

Sorry "bud", but there are no "assists" in the VGCC. Winners don't need friends, you can shove smiley where the sun don't shine. :shock: :smiley:

Like Mr. Burns said when he was in Homer's bowling team, "there is a point where the true champion leave the others behind" (or something like that). Right after Otto got the Lobster Harmonica in the vending machine.

Hehe, hope you all noticed I was sarcastic. Get used to it losers. :smiley:

UglyandHasty, don't worry, I'll use most of my power to annoy other teams fans from now on. ALOUETTES STICK TOGETHER LIKE FEATHERS ON A BIRD'S WING.

heheheh i take it in the teeth didnt i ? Enjoy your bragging right :smiley:

Yeah but Mr. burns could only throw gutter balls, and bought and stole the trophy from Homer and the boys!!!!!!

First,second,third for Als fans!
Nice season Uglyandhasty and oh,so close!!!

But Top of the sandheap 514MTL and chief bragging rights!
Great job 514MTL!!! but I was sure hoping you were wrong on that one!

So was I. But I can't be wrong, which is why I am the VGCC Champ. :frowning:

Als Fans Rock. By the way, Als_Molson, you should stick with one name. I only learned recently you were r44keithl.

Congrats 514MTL. #1,2,3 Montreal fans, wow. Sask fans took the next 4 positions which begs the question what happened to the other fans?

I will take it under consideration, but most likely will have a new moniker again soon! Although I haven't thought of one yet!

Maybe 514MTL_sidekick would be good. Surely your social status would improve :slight_smile:

LOL :shock:

Besides, if I was to hang around your PQ buddies, one of 2 things would happen. They would end up wanting me dead or I would end up wanting them dead! I don't mean litteraly!

.......maybe redwhite2005 can find us an animation of what it means to be humble.......

.......hey 514, truth be known, Third_and_Ten and I had to take 9th and 10th position respectively as part of our mod agreement........strawberry or grape? Jam that is , I'll be mailing you some 'cause you're toast next year....... :smiley:

Quote from RedandWhite:
"...strawberry or grape? Jam that is , I'll be mailing you some 'cause you're toast next year..."

What? Is that all you can muster? This isn't curling my friend, this is football. Are you sure you are a fan? Sounds more like an air conditionning system to me.

Too bad Mr. Myagi (Karate Kid) just died. He could've teached you how to wax on and f** off!

Oh! Boy, that was nasty. Don't take it seriously RedandWhite. Nevertheless, this one will be hard to topple.

Says 514MTL - the 2005 VGCC Champion.

Wait a minute, did I just bump my own thread ?!?! :shock:

But, that isn't allowed right ? :o

Except for that guy who just won the 2005 VGCC. 8) Wait a minute, I am that guy ! :smiley:

SASSY! :twisted:

Congrats, And I will take you next year.

Keep that up and we'll start calling you a Rider fanatic.

Oops did I reallyu say that?

Easy Rider or Michael Ryder? :shock: