VGCC Awards

Congratulations to Green Gopher, the 2013 Virtual Grey Cup Champion!

The final standings are posted here.

There are also some other awards -- some good, some not-so-good -- which are awarded each year. They are posted here.

Thank you to all who participated in the 2013 edition of the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge!

8) :rockin:

Amazing analysis and a tremendous amount of work Big Dave. Great award names too!!! Thanks a ton for all of your work. Makes my week during the season.
Have a wonderful Xmas Season to you and yours!

TB2 (really Turkeybend re-incarnated!)

Great work Big Dave!

And congrats once again to Green Gopher!

Thanks Big Dave for hosting this awesome tourney. It really adds a fun twist to all the games in the season! Looking forward to next year!

Nice Signature. Congrats again.

Big Dave! My first year on the Forum and I win three -- yes, count 'em, three -- of your awards! Go RedBlacks...
So even though i was a loser all year in picking winning teams (as my son leorocks never failed to point out) I won BIG TIME in the end. Has a fan ever won THREE of the awards in the same year??!!! I think not... It bodes well for Ottawa's new team. Just wait until next year, everyone!

RedBlacksGIrl -- aka proud "hat trick" winner of 2013 T-Bone Trophy; 2013 San Fran Ticat Man Pennant; AND 2013 Rider Prider Award