Vets on the bubble

Coach Miller was asked if there were any vet "on the bubble", and he responded "maybe". Anyone hear, or see which vets are in danger of being cut?

Unless Corey Grant is hurt, I can't see him here on opening day.

Abou-Mechrek is probably in tough with Smith and now Geno at the guard spot, although for me he makes a perfect #6 OL.

There are battles at LB, where some returnees, if not long-term veterans, may be replaced, and we have lots of veteran DB's, so just by sheer number some from that group will have to be let go.

Lastly, while perhaps not popular, with Hughes running well, the emergence of Foord, and a NI rookie rookie (who's hurt now) with some promise, Szarka can't be a lock either.

I would hope that only a few (such as Flick, Fantuz, Davis, etc.) would be virtually guaranteed a spot. I agree with Artie in that we seem to have a wealth of defensive backs, inexpensive Canadian receivers and Canadian running backs that anyone in those positions would be at risk if they aren't having a good camp.

I was surprized that Grant and Szarka were re-signed during the offseason. The people behind them on the depth chart are younger, just as effective, and cheaper. So I agree, I can see those two cut!!
If I remember correctly, Foord is a junior, so he'd have to really to do well to unseat the other guys. I can see Foord playing in 2 or 3 years if he continues to improve.

Grant is underated in my opinion. Playing the wide side wide out he doesn't get alot of looks.

No doubt, he takes a lot of scrutiny from the fans but when it comes down to it he is flat out clutch. He is the type of guy that won't get a ball thrown to him for 3 quarters and will make the big catch to keep a drive alive in the 4th. He has had a great training camp so he certainly has helped his case for staying around.

As for Szarka, he will stay around because of his blocking. He is like an extra olineman out there and even though he isn't very dominant in the offence he will probably stay around(I think his best days are behind him though).

I think an interesting battle to follow tonight is at RB. Griffin might be out the door if he can't show good tonight vs the Eskimos, hopefully he can pick it up.

I have not heard anything about OL January, Morley, or Best. Any word on their progress?

If they don't keep Griffin, who's the #2, Childs? That can't be.

Well I guess the coaches have been impressed with Childs (I personnally don't think he is capable of being #2). Stu Foord has looked great but I we will have to see what type of role he will be given this year if he sticks around. I should have worded it differently, Griffin might not be cut but he definitely has to pick it up. He has shown flashes of brilliance but there is still something to be desired imo.

I am hoping that Tad Kornegay is gone.

My predictions: Glenn January gets starting. Hughes replaces Szarka, Chis goes to back-up. DD is 2nd string QB, Stu Forde is back up RB, and Grant stays because he is straight cash.

Non-import DT Keith Shologan, SSK 1st round choice-4th overall-, has just been released by the San Diego Chargers. Unless claimed by another NFL team, should be in Regina in the next 10 days or so.


This is good news for the 'riders. He was considered by many to be the best person available in the draft even ahead of Dylan Barker. But the fact that he was cut early has me a bit worried. I wonder why? Oh well, time will tell…

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On a different note… anyone know how Dylan Barker is doing at Hamilton’s camp?

Griffin is gone, according to the LeaderPost Miller sent him home at the airport after the Edmonton game due to issues with his attitude.

...did I hear right when I heard Barker may have been hurt, quite badly, during his game on Thursday? Or is that simply rumour...?

No rumor, they haven't fully diagnosed it yet but early reports don't sound too promising for him.

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