Vets cut...

Dorian Smith and Clint Kent have been released.

Thanks for your time here guys. Appreciated. Best of luck.

Wow. . . met both of them in Vancouver at the Grey Cup. . . good guys.

Whoa, Clint Kent released? Is this something Bomber fans saw coming?

A fairly big surprise to be sure. D&P. Did no see this coming. Hefney played some SAM last year when Kent was hurt and played I really well. Stewart played some in the Hamilton preseason game. I guess with the camps Washington and Pasco have had, they (Burke) wants to keep both of those guys around. Stay tuned, I guess.

I really liked Kent. He was one of those quiet guys who just go out and does his job well. He is a smart player who isn't recognized for the effort. I likened him to Knowlton in Ham. Too bad, hope he comes back somehow.

Burke must be really high on those two to release a good vet like Kent. Mind you, the last four Grey Cup games have featured a Tim Burke defense, so you have to give the man the benefit of the doubt... :smiley:

....Burke is definitely high on Washington.....Kent not so much...I believe that's the second time he's cut him :roll: I liked Kents play but when someone better comes is business ....Washington is a 'big hitter' with lots of upside..I can see the move

...Because i'm a little skeptical about Renauds punting...I say we have a look at Maveety,late of the cats...He certainly has the right birth certificate ...Wouldn't hurt to have a look-see.. :roll:

Re: Maveety

In camp his punting was brutal, that's why he never got a shot to do it the pre-season.

Figured someone would have to lose their job, guys like Sears, Washington, Doe were just too good not to have on the field. Great competition this year, one of the best I've seen since Berry's first year here.

Don't be surprised to see Knowlton traded or cut, I can't see them sitting him for the entire season.

I'd be surprised a team would trade for a "small" linebacker making six figures coming off a bad season. His salary makes him unlikely to be traded.

Like I said in the preseason thread, Kent did not have a good game, regardless of what he says. When he was a DB he was burnt often. Sure he had a good year last year, but our secondary depth was just too good, and it looks like they want someone who can cover alot there, and be physical (ala Sears/Stewart).
I am real surprised about Dorzon though, as I thought he was better than Simpson.

....not exactly a vet.....but TJ Harris getting the axe in the hammer is a bit of a surprise...So much fanfare out of the Ham. fans about his signing last year, seems to have gone up in a puff of smoke...I guess his nfl aspirations have been put on hold for awhile...You know this guy could have been furthur along in his career, if he would have stopped and looked around him at how others have accessed the nfl try-out gig...Instead he listned to his girlfriend, who seems to have tied an anchor to his football future and elsewhere...pity :roll:

...Dorzon expected to take a pr spot along with Doug Pierce according to Lapo...I don't know if anything has been confirmed yet but that was the rumour on those two :roll:

Sears, Washington. . . agreed. Wasn’t as impressed with Doe.

Doe had a great first Preseason game, started of weak in this last one, but ended OK. Overall he did have a good camp, and left am impression for sure.

Terrell Parker (LB, import) has tweeted that he's signed on to the PR. No confirmation from the Bombers yet.

PR list from the FreeP

Finally, the Bombers announced seven players had agreed to join their practice squad; offensive lineman Brendan Dunn; wide receivers Doug Pierce, Isaac Anderson and Cassidy Doneff; linebacker Terrell Parker; running back Bloi-Dei Dorzon; and defensive back Jeremy McGee.
have to think that a couple of those guys won't be around for too long unless they do some creative shuffling with the injury list. For instance Doneff may get pushed off the PR once Watson comes off the one game, doubt they keep all 4 of watson, poblah, etienne, and kolhert on the active roster. Douglas also on the one game, would imagine this moves Taormina off the active roster, or maybe shuffle one the NI olineman off.

Is the PR still set at 7 this season until the fall roster expansion? I read a quote somewhere from a CFL GM, can't remember which one, it was a few months ago, that there was a plan to expand the PRs leading up to Ottawa entering the league. I'm guessing maybe that doesn't happen until next year? would've been nice to plan that this year as some players need more than a year to really develop.

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Looks like Stewart is the new SAM backer. Good move by LaPo and Burke. Hefney's your best cover guy. You don't put a cover DB of that caliber at the LOS covering the other team's fifth receiver. Basically, the secondary's weakest cover DB should be the SAM linebacker.