There is a lot of talk about the fact that since Morealle and Hitch are getting older and they might be retiring next year. I really hope they dont becuase i feel they can still contribute, and they are two of my favourites. What is your stand on this?

Two guys who bleed black and gold; will be sad when they hang them up, but time marches on and it will have to happen eventually. As I think I posted in another thread, I hope the new Head Coach (Whoever that may be) considers them for the coaching staff should they decide to retire. I can see Morealle as a receivers' coach and Hitch in charge of special teams (certainly couldn't do worse than Erdman) or DBs/LBs.

Hamilton seriously needs to think about its entire defence. They've lulled the media into thinking that they're not that bad, but the truth is they put up enough offence to win a few games and didn't. I like Morealle and Hitch too and hope they can stick around for some better times.

M.M and Hitch, are two proven cfl, players who still have a desire to compete, so let them, and until they get beat out for their roster spots, cause its easy to break a team down, than build it up, - ? did Hitch get the most special teams tackels?