Veterans in danger?

In 10 days from now,the 2010 training for rookies will begin; 4 days later, the "official" training camp will start. Every year, some veterans are released and this year will not be different.Presently,the Als off-season roster totals 83, consisting of 44 imports and 39 non-imports; if we exclude the rookies, the total becomes 60,i.e. 29 imports and 31 non-imports.

While no one knows exactly who will be released, I have made a list of some veterans who could be in danger, at least according to me; I am including only the veterans who were with the Als last season. Veterans such as Cody Pickett, Gavin Walls,etc are not including in my list,although they could be in danger. This sign * besides a name means that this veteran dressed for the 2009 Grey Cup. Criteria such as quality of newcomers,salaries,versatility,age along with health/injurie will determine,in most, if not all, cases who will be released.

To me, some of the following veterans will not be included in the official roster,when the 2010 regular season begins. They are:
J.P. Bekasiak * -DT, N- Main competition will come from Pat MacDonald who is also a long-snapper.
Darrell Campbel -DT,I- Had a good 2009 training camp but a so so season. 8 tackles. Marcus Smith main competition,presently.
Michael Giffin -FB,N- Often injured. Main competition from Reed Anderson who is also a long-snapper.
Cory Huclack * -LS,N-Competition from Justin Conn,also LS, and Brian Ridgeway.
Shawn Mayne -DE,N- Competition from Chris Parris.
Jeff Robertshaw *- DE,N- Competition from Chris Parris. Depends-also- if 6,rather than 5, import DL are dressed.
Stanford Samuels -DB,I- Did not dress for many games. Less expensive competition?
Walter Spencer * -LB,N- Injured during 10 games; 31; Salary? Competition from Conn and Ridgeway.
Brandon Whitaker-RB,I- Did dress for only a few games. Competition from Corey Council,also Return specialist, and Roosevelt Ross.
Joel Wright -S,N- Injured. Did not dress for too many games in last years. Competition from Doug Goldsby, Steven Holness and,maybe, Marc-Olivier Brouillette.

I will be extremely surprised if some of the above veterans are not released,before beginning of 2010 regular season. While not included in the list, players such as Bryan Chiu and Paul Lambert could /may also be in danger. Play of rookies/2nd year players such as David Bouchard,Ryan Bomben,Dylan Sttenbergen and Andrew Woodruff will dictate if Chiu and/or Lambert are on the roster at the beginning of 2010 season.

Answers will/may come faster than we think.

Wishing the Als and all other CFL teams a good 2010 season.


I think your list is pretty bang on. Special team players 30 or older have to battle.

It will also be interesting to see if Lambert can hang on to starter's spot. Als have to start making room for their young olinesmen like Woodruff, this guy can't sit on the bench another year.

I'm hoping that one of Woodruff or Brodeur-Jourdain has a strong enough showing at camp to displace Lambert, who I thought was the weak link on the O-line last season.

I don’t know that he was weak but we can’t sacrifice a young guy who needs to play to progress and has committed to this team for the long term. Lambert is a great team player and he wants to stay in Montreal but he might have to accept a backup role.

Als have to continue to rejuvenate a couple positions a year with a core that is all mid to late thirties. Sanchez and Lambert may be these guys this year.

What may save a lot of the guys on the bubble is that training camp is only 11 days, that’s pretty short to displace a veteran.

Not saying he was terrible, just that he was the weakest of our starting line last season. IMO Brodeur-Jourdain performed just as well, and then there's Woodruff. We have an abundance of O-line talent in the pipeline, and like you said, we can't keep them on the bench just to play an aging vet for one more year, particularly when it's not clear that said player is an upgrade on what we have waiting in the wings (unlike with Calvillo, Cahoon, and maybe Chiu).

I agree more or less with what youre saying. The interior of our offensive line is getting older and I think we need to start phasing in more of our younger guys like Woodruff or Brodeur-Jourdain we've done an excellent job of drafting olinemen now we need to get them more practice

Bryan Chiu has announced his retirement. Temporary? To make room on roster? Only Jim knows. Paul Lambert will,most probably,replace him.


What about Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, didn't he played center at Laval ?

Thanks Brian for all your hard work in the trenchs !

Based on today's Als roster, the Als have released,since May 17,2010, 10 players,excluding Bryan Chiu retirement, and added 4.

The 10 players released are:
Reed Anderson-LS,N-
Nuvraj Bassi-DT,N-
Ian Campbell-DE,I-
Doug Goldsby-S,N-
Jarrell Guyton-LB,I-
Travis Key-DB,I-
Glen MacKay-WR,N-
Cody Pickett-QB,I-
Darrell Robertson-DE,I-
Joel Wright-S,N-

The 4 players added are:
Alex Chandler-DB,I-
Patrick Cobourne-WR,I-
Tanard Davis-DB,I-
Kristoffer Doura-G,I-

The roster is now at 76,excluding Chiu and Matte, or 43 imports and 33 non-imports.


Thanks Richard. . . man if it wasn't for you we'd all be in the dark.

I am neither surprised nor upset at Pickett being released. . . never did understand why we picked him up in the first place.

Richard (and everyone else), actually 7 were added. There was also WR Marcus Freeman (more of a TE at 245 lbs.), G Chris Pino (interesting 2 American guards have been added, although they seem more like tackles), and DB Razzie Smith.
Im a bit surprised by the quick release of Goldsby and Wright, this probably means Brouillette will get a decent look at safety. Also, with the release of Pickett there are only 3 QBs, thats a little thin should one be injured. Would they consider bringing Santos back?

I do remember seeing a post on Avon's facebook wall that his little bro was getting a try-out with the Al's. Can Patrick Cobourne be his bro? Can anyone confirm this?

In fact, since my post, 3 have been released and 5 added.

Released were/are:
Dave Casale-S,I-
Daron Clark-WR,I-
Roosevelt Ross-RB,I-

Added are:
Marcus Freeman-WR,I- 6.02,245 MORE TE
Chris Pino-G,I-
Razzie Smith-DB,I-
Tyson Smith-DE,I-
Ike Whitaker-listed as RB,I-

The roster,excluding Chiu, is at 78 or 45 Imports and 33 Non-imports. To me, we should not be more than 74-68 + 4 draft choices +2 territorial exemptions- Most probably Ferri,Flory and Hawkins are exempted since disabled; Gavin Walls hurt his knee this morning and he should be the 4th one exempted.


Correction: Ike Whitaker is listed as a WR and not a RB.


I am totally confused but I'll trust you guys :smiley: :thup:

So Joel Wright is the first ST player to lose his job... Thanks Joel... good luck to you :thup:

Wasn't Joel a lb that blew his knee doing a flip? If so that is sad, he was a great ST player and I expected him to find a spot.

Maybe I should get a life, but it really bothers me that there is no news about what happened to Joel Wright, Doug Goldsby, and Glenn MacKay, who were on last years team. If this was Sask., Winn., Ham., we would know. If these were comparable players on the Canadiens we would know.
Do we blame the Als for not releasing the information, the reporters for not asking the questions, or are we just a very small minority who care about these things?

3 People in their Communication Department LOL ! They must be really, really busy.

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At Camp they are, the rookies in those do some gopher stuff.

There are definitely more players at camp than reported as per the team roster; hence, Herb writes -The Snap-that some of the candidates to replace Lary Taylor include: Tim Maypray ? and C.J. Hawthorne who was previously with Buffalo; he is a WR. None are on the roster. Later today? We will see. At least 2 will have to be released.

Herb also writes that Gavin Walls is out indefinitely due to a knee -his good one- injury. I seriously that he will ever play with the Als. As with Tim Cheatwood in 2007, he will probably be on the 9 game injury list for first half of season and then released.