Veterans in danger of being replaced.

While there are still 7 weeks before training camp begins and exactly 2 months before the first pre-season game-in Toronto against the Argos- I nevertheless include names of veteran players that could be replaced before the regular season begins; in fact, some may be released before the end of this month or the beginning of training camp. The main factors that will most definitely be taken into consideration, before releasing a veteran, will/should be:
-Potential of the rookie replacing a veteran.
-Age and play of the veteran.
-Salary of the veteran.

The veterans in danger, according to me, are, in alphabetical order:

Jean-Samuel Blanc. -Nat. FB The play of Wayne Moore will definitely have an impact on him. Will A RB be drafted?

John Bowman.-Int. DE Will be 35 years old in July. His play has deteriorated in the last season. Not an impact player. Depth at his position will dictate his fate. Ivan McLennan is a rookie DE/LB that could surprised . He ran the 40 yd in 4.59 in his pro day in 2016.

Luc Brodeur-Jourdain. Nat. C 34 years old. Still good at his position. Based on today's Nat. depth at his position, I doubt that he will be replaced.

Chip Cox. Int. LB Will be 34 on June 34th. High salaried veteran. No longer the player he was a few years back. Often take stupid penalties. He will face fierce competition, from some players presently listed as DB's.

B.J. Cunningham. Int. WR Makes good catches but drop many easy ones. I don't see him as a future all-star. Very good rookies, at least at College levels, have been signed. B.J. will need an exceptional camp.

Reuben Frank. Int. DE Played 7 games with Edmonton in 2016. More of a training camp "body". unless he is released before.

S.J. Green. Won't be replaced, but will most probably begin the season on the 6 game injured list.

Tyree Hollins. INt. DB/LB Never a confirmation that he was re-signed. Depending on depth, could be released before end of April or beginning of training camp.

Jovon Johnson. Int. DB 33 years old. Will face tough competition.

Stefan Logan. Int. KR/RB Will be 36 in early June. High salaried veterans. Still good, but lacks breakaway speed. I doubt that he will be retained if there are very good potential rookies. I think that his main competition will be from TJ Graham and,to a lesser degree, Martese Jackson.

Ryan Phillips. Int. DB/S 34 years old. High salaried veteran. I do think that he has not played much as S, in BC. Fierce competition from Branden Dozier, C.J. Moore and Desmond Cooper.

Brandon Rutley. Int. RB Presently, not much competition. Lacks speed. I can't imagine that a better Int. RB cannot be signed.

Brian Simmons. Int. OT Not impressed by him. High salaried veteran. I am still not convinced that they will play 2 Int. OT's; if so, I say that his main competition will come from Int. Patrick Colbert and Cory Tucker; yes, Tucker was tried as a G in the NFL, but he played mostly as a T in College.

Tiquan Underwood. Int. WR Tough competition. Don't see him as a starter. A rookie with potential will be signed to the practice roster, before him.

AS I wrote at the beginning, I don't expect that all these veterans will be released/replaced, but I will be extremely surprised if none are; if so, the crop of rookies was not great.


Its a solid list Richard. I take exception with Cox but anything is possible.

The Als will need to trim roughy seven guys off that list between mini-camp and training camp and more if they want to sign more prospects.

If you look at the current rosters. I expect most of the cuts after mini-camp coming from the receiver and db's. and maybe a couple import linesmen and one QB.

For Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, I can see him sticking around even if he is no longer starting material. He could just be an insurance policy and/or mentor Philippe Gagnon or whoever the Als designate as Center for the Future. I suspect he and Jovon Johnson signed for close to the minimum, so money is not likely an issue in either case.

Reuben Frank and LaVance Taylor signed at the same time and are represented by the same agent. Question arises whether or not they were a package deal in that the Als were more interested in one or the other. Possiblity neither as the maybe Kavis Reed just wanted to establish a relationship with all the CFL agents that represent multiple clients.

Releasing Ryan Phillips would be embarrassment considering he was the teams’ first signee when Free Agency began. Team also put itself in the position where they had to adjust the roster so an import can play safety.

Kavis Reed traded for Brian Simmons, so Simmons being released would likewise not look good on Reed. Simmons would likely get the benefit of doubt at least for the first few games.

Not on your list, but Kyries Hebert will have to earn a spot again this year. Sure Hebert is a Noel Thorpe favorite. Guy will also turn 37 during the season. He is not going to play every down because of the ratio and because the team will not always use 4 linebackers.

Nik Lewis says he is in great shape. Plus, he is certain to break the Career Receptions Record this year. Yet, would I be upset if he were released? Not really, because he will be 35 by then and that would also mean the team has receivers better than him.

Kyries is indeed 37 but, I felt he was a great player a year ago when he was 36. But I guess the age factor is the specific issue. He plays with such aggression and is usually injury free and, I thought he was the best last season but, eventually age will determine his fate as it will with Bowman and a few others. Hopefully we will have the rookies every team requires to push out some of the veterans to retirement. I like the way our OL is developing. Keeping Durant injury free has to be our first ticket for success this season.

Beau survol, Richard! :thup: :thup:

Il y aura forcément des joueurs qui ne reviendront pas, et sans doute des vétérans parmi eux.

Je vois mal les Alouettes libérer des joueurs qu'ils sont allés chercher chez les joueurs autonomes, mais ça pourrait arriver. Qu'on se souvienne du bref passage d'Aaron Hunt pour réaliser que tant Philips que Simmons n'ont aucune assurance pour leur poste. Je demeure convaincu que Simmons a été engagé alors que les Alouettes ne croyaient pas pouvoir aller chercher un gars comme Olafyoye.

Par ailleurs, il y a aussi des vétérans qui devront gagner leur poste, comme tu l'as mentionné. On sait que c'est le cas de LBJ, puisqu'il l'a lui-même confirmé lors de la prolongation de son contrat. Tout ce qu'il voulait, c'est une chance de se battre pour son poste et c'est tout ce que les Alouettes lui ont promis.

Ça pourrait être le cas de Bowman, mais pour l'instant, je ne vois personne lui ravir sa place, à moins que Thorpe ne décide de faire jouer Westerman comme ailier défensif, tel qu'il est listé. Dans ce cas, ce serait le passeport de Bowman qui lui nuirait plus qu'autre chose. À la défense de Bowman sur la saison passée, le système 3-4 imposé par Thorpe ne l'a pas servi. Il a été en double blocage plus souvent qu'à son tour, et c'est après la défaite contre Edmonton que Chapdelaine a demandé une défensive plus variée. Ceci a servi Bowman comme les autres joueurs de la ligne défensive.

Le cas de Hebert est intriguant parce que les Alouettes ont décidé de laisser aller Winston Venable et de garder Hebert. Je crois qu'il peut encore jouer à un haut niveau cette année. Je ne suis toujours pas convaincu que les Alouettes vont faire jouer un secondeur national parmi les partants.

Bowman and Cox play important positions, so even if it`s not this season, we need to see potential replacements in the group of rookies.

And to a somewhat lesser degree the same for Logan and Hebert.

And I agree with Richard about Cunningham. He`ll make the spectacular catch but also drops too many sure ones. He has to develop more consistency or face replacement.

On the National front we need to groom a replacement for Giguere. Charette has shown flashes but can`t seem to stay healthy.

LeStaf, Je suis sur la meme page concernant Bowman.

I expect Logan will retain his role this season. He's a sturdy fellow with a long career in football in three organizations BC, the NFL and us. If we keep Sutton and Rutely Logan will be available as RB and, he has provided this team with great returning. Only miscues by the blockers kept his stats down. There have been numerous occasions when offside blocking prevented long runbacks and TDs. He is one of the strongest team members and, I can't recall a time when he was unable to play after being hit very hard.

By tomorrow, CFL teams rosters will have to be at 75 players +non-counters; presently, some teams are at 85 players,meaning that many players will be released in the next 12 to 24 hours.

Based on the Als current off-season roster on their site, they are within the 75 but if players have already been signed-although not confirmed- they will most probably have to release a few players.

If players are released, who will be affected? Presently the Als have 17 DB's on their roster, i.e. 12 Int. and 5 Nat; I know that some of these DB's will be "tested" as LB's, but if players have to be released, some could be amongst that group; 1 or 2 WR's could also be released.

If the Als have to release some players by tomorrow, the players released could be amongst these players:

Nat. DB Kwame Adjei
Nat. S Anthony Coady
Int. DB Tyran Finley
Nat. WR Seydou Junior Haidara
Nat. LB Christopher Johnson
Int. DB Jovan Johnson
Int. DB Vincente Miles
Int. DB Ryan Phillips
Nat. WR Alex Pierzchalski
Int. WR Tiquan Underwood

Rest assured, not all of these players will be released by tomorrow ; only a few, at most. By the end of the 2017 training camp I expect that most, if not all of these players, won't be on the 46 players active roster.


I find it difficult to see both Jovan Johnson and Ryan Phillips not making the team. I expect at least one of them and possibly both to stick around.

While we have younger promising DBs, we would lack veteran leadership, particularly with Brouillette also gone.

Les Alouettes avaient annoncé l'embauche de Philips comme un grand coup, aussi je trouverais surprenant qu'il soit retranché à ce moment-ci. Pour ce qui est de Johnson, son embauche s'est faite tardivement et les Alouettes ont plus que fait le plein de demis défensifs. Je crois aussi que sa présence comme vétéran pourrait être utile, mais il est clair que les Alouettes ne pourront pas les garder tous. Johnson pourrait écoper d'une unité bien garnie avec des jeunes jambes.

The Montreal Alouettes announced on Monday that the club has acquired international defensive end Denzell Perine as well as international running back Cierre Wood from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, in exchange for defensive back Khalid Wooten. The Alouettes also acquired the Tiger-Cats fifth (39th overall) and sixth (48th overall) round picks for this upcoming CFL Canadian Draft in exchange for Montreal’s fifth (38th overall) and sixth (47th overall) round picks.

The team also announced that the following players were released:

Kwame Adjei (N), LB, Mount Allison
Anthony Coady (N), DB, Montréal
Martese Jackson (I), RB, Florida Atlantic
Christopher Johnson (N), LB, Toronto
Jared Koster (I), LB, New Mexico Highlands

[url=] ... iger-cats/[/url]

Definitely not surprised with the releases of Adjei,Coady and Johnson; definitely surprised,particularly at this stage, with the releases of Martese Jackson and Jared Koster.

Also surprised with the trading of Khalid Wooten to Hamilton; he will play as LB with Hamilton, so I think.


I`m also surprised about Jackson, Koster, Wooten. I can only assume they liked some of the mini-camp prospects.

I will not be surprised if Jared Koster ends up in Toronto.

More and more Kavis Reed is trading or releasing players brought in by Jim Popp in the last seasons.

Cierre Wood was suspended for 2 games while in Notre-Dame-violations of team rules- and also once in the pros in Houston.

The release of Martese Jackson tells me that Stefan Logan will be the return specialist again in 2017.

The signing of Wood is not good news for Brandon Rutley, so I think.


Je crois que la libération de Koster est une erreur. Ce gars promettait beaucoup.

Martese Jackson avait montré de belles choses en matchs préparatoires. Pour les autres, c'était à prévoir. Peut-être qu'Ackie sera transformé en maraudeur? :?

Why release Koster now? You kept him all last season, and in pre-season he looked to be a play maker. We know Bear Woods tends to be injury prone and the only other Int. LB is an unproven Anthony Sarao. So why not bring Koster to training camp and see how things play out?

If Koster was a similar Canadiens player, we would get 30 microphones in Bergevin`s face asking for a reason. Unfortunately with the Als no one will bother to ask Reed.

The screams of joy echoing across the board is D&P hoping you are correct.

The perspective from TiCats Today is that Hamilton traded away 2 players who were probably not going to make the team in exchange for somebody who could compete for a starting position or at least be a backup with CFL experience. Marshall Ferguson said while Cierre Wood looked "nice" at mini-camp, the Ti-Cats seemed "really high" on Alex Green.

I'd agree with that. Why in the CFL would you trade for an unproven import Running Back who's been suspended from his School for violations, cut from his NFL team for violations and has a recent ACL surgery ?????

The continued lack of concern for draft picks is becoming an obvious pattern.

One thing is for sure, we've sure done a good job trading away young and young veteran talent on defense. Gonna be interesting.