Veterans Galore: Argos defence bringing experience into 2021 will be previewing the 2021 season, breaking down special teams, defence and offence for all nine teams as they get set to hit the field.

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This is calgary east im cheering for. Its a good move to bring in vets from calgary. Teach the younger high draft picks to play and get ready

They've picked up a lot of pieces - ex Riders Hughes & Judge, a Lion, an Elk, a Stamp & the icing in the cake - Muamba. They have all the ingredients. But how well they can gel & come together is the question. Very good analysis of the Argo situation. I think they'e pushing it with Willis & Hughes. But my biggest question with the Argos remains the same - 1st time HC, OC, DC & STC, all new to their positions. Four games drawn vs the TiCats, two vs Bombers, Riders & Stamps away games. Tough schedule.

The Boat Anchors will be in tough and hard pressed to win 4 games tops this season . Remember where you heard it first . Book it !!!

Said it at the start that the Eastern Stampeders (Argos) are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Far too many very talented veteran Players on both Defence And Offence. However there is one potentially weak point and that being both the rookie QB (Arbuckle) and HC (Dinwiddie). But given they tutored under Mitchell and Dickenson, I feel that weak point will be short lived and the Argos will be way more successful this season.

Not (a stamp) but (stamps) lol wtf buddy

MBT is going to have a great yr.

Mayo , Bacon and Tomato ?

Bear Woods was probably kept on the roster as an insurance policy should Henoc Muamba change his mind about playing this season. Actually, I would not be shocked if both Muamba and Woods retired before opening day.

My bold prediction for 2021? Argos still SUCK!!! (nothing personal , they just do).

Some telling names are at hand here, but like some others I wonder who else suddenly retires?

I've been surprised at this run of retirements lately even with the time away from the game due to the pandemic understandably affecting the lives of more than the usual number who decide to walk away.

If they were going to retire. They would've done it in the last few days ago

Expect more retirees, and players not showing up due to the shorter season, the quarantine process and testing.

I think the retirements are temporary. The retired players will make a "comeback" like LL Cool J in 2022 once the CFL has corrected itself after the pandemic

Yes, I think that will happen. Probably players waiting for the winter 2022, XFL season too

Collins Jr. unretired to sign with the Argos