Veteran SASK safety James Patrick released

Veteran safety James Patrick has been released from SASK..

This guy would make a great SAFETY for us as he is turnover / interception guy as he lead the league in intereceptions with 9 in 2010

He is also a veteran who can give this position some stability and help out the other db's with double coverage etc
He is 30 years old and has 6 years expoerience and if he could be had at a decent salary then this move could make sense for us

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I like this signing.

Welcome to Hamilton, James. Much success in the years ahead.

I suppose this is designed as a replacement move for Tisdale. I think it's a good exchange. I wonder what (if anything) this means for the return of Bo Smith. I hope he is re-signed.

You beat me to it lol.

I like this move.

I put a post on here the minute i found out Patrick was released and felt he'd be a great veteran ball hawk that we could use at a position where we are weak at safety ...
Did anyone see it ?
They deleted my post after they signed him..not sure why ? It's not like people will think they are taking my ideas :slight_smile: ?

We still could use a good corner and Rush End and we will be well on the way to recovering this defence ...

Her Gerbear.... they put your post at the top of your renamed thread!
What once was lost is now found!

OH GREAT !! Thanks Mark.

We might se alot of ex/ current ( Riders ) and ex/ current Argos ) in camp this year due to our new GM/COACH Austin (SASK) and Defensive Co-ordinator Orlando (ARGOS )

I see Flemons was let go ..I 'd rather have Willis ...Willis can bring a pass rush...

Would be nice to a cornerback in town like Mccolough

I imagine Webb and Colclough and Bo Smith would be our halfbacks

i hope we are binging back Peguise for a look at Defensive End as well as Moore and Davis at DT

I guess one has to wonder if they will keep Rey Williams or not ...I feel Jamal and Markeith are more likley to stay .

If James Patrick still has talent, stamina and the will to play, he'll be a welcome addition to our defense. :thup:

Our tabbies have struggled in a lot of phases of defence over the last two maybe even three years but, (besides rushing the QB), i would say DB talent and failure to pick off a ball every once and a while, was the biggest thing that set us back in our team
James Patrick will help that ,

Welcome to Hamilton James

The reason Patrick was released from SASK was because his salary was high and his perormance level had dropped .

Does anyone know how it works if you get released and picked up from another team if the same salary comes with you or if the salary is removed and you are deemed a free agent with a new salary negotiation .

My guess is that Hamilton would haev to have signed him at a bit less than what he was making ...I would guess he was making say 140 K and maybe they signed him for 120 k .. Any thoughts ?

Released = free agent, no contract

Thanks Rob.

Anyone have any idea what he might have been making versus what he likely making now ?