Veteran QB Kevin Glenn announces retirement

I will cherish my Kevin Glenn Ticat bobble head forever!

I always liked Glenn.

Thing that cracked me up is there was a video on the Ticat site promoting the Kevin Glenn bobble-head night, and Peter Dyakowski remarked that it was “actual size”. :smiley:

Those were some good years back at THF - deeply frustrating at times - but Glenn had his moments. He certainly made the most of his skills. But for the broken (arm?) in in the 2007 Western Semi he could have been a Grey Cup Champion with the Bombers that year.

THF wasn’t around when he played in Hamilton. :slight_smile:

He was one of the the most important pieces in turning this team around after the horrible 4 year span between 2005-2008. After failed attempts to bring in star quarterbacks ( Printers, Mass), he was the QB that helped lead our team back to the playoffs and respectability between 2009 and 2011.

Congratulations on a great career!

Posted some big numbers here. Oddly forgotten by resident stat lovers. Which tells you everything about stats.

Kevin Glenn was a great CFLer, all the best of luck to him.

He was a big part of the Obie era that finally drove a stake through the heart of the “Thinking Outside the Box Era”.
For that I’m grateful.

He is probably making more money on his what 5 Tim Hortons stores then what he ever made during his playing career connections through sport!$$

Took a while to get going though. Held the clipboard for Quinton Porter for parts of 2009.