Veteran American Replacing Injured Canadian Abuse Thread

CFL now allows teams to replace any Canadian starter who suffers an in-game injury with a veteran American, defined in the new agreement as a player with at least four years in the CFL or three with his current team.

A "true" National could also replace him.

Another stipulation is that the same ratio split (the number of Canadians on offense and defense) must be retained throughout the game. Teams for instance cannot replace an injured Canadian wide receiver with a veteran American defensive lineman.

There is concern that teams could benefit if a Canadian is injured. A Canadian could be hurt for as few as 1 play for the rule to come in effect. So essentially, teams are on the honor system to make sure they comply with the spirit of the rule change.

Roster sizes are limited so potential abuse should be limited. For instance, a Canadian offensive tackle could not fake an injury and be replaced by an American offensive lineman because teams do not dress backup American OL.

Question is: will this replacement rule be a disaster and be done with a new CBA is negotiated one year from now, or will it be just a non-factor?

I would guess people will only notice if the player change is made right before a significant play that determines the outcome of the game.

I don't think it will be a disaster, most CDN starters are strong players. Its the depth. If there are quite a few injuries, then maybe it could get out of hand. However, I can't see it going past the next CBA.

There always seems to be a push to reduce or get rid of the ratio.
I can understand this year, as it will be harder to get replacements on a short notice.
However, if permanent, I would suggest 5 years with same team, 7 years in the league with one important add on. Players must reside in Canada year round. Perhaps with this, Pinball may have been used as a National at one time. I would also put limits on how many players per team.

Why not replace a player based in ability than nationality.If a player get hurt just replace him.This seem discrimination against mainly Black American Players.Just crazy but it's yall country and yall laws.

The ratio is based on citizenship or Canadian roots.
Sport leagues around the world have ratios to protect and promote local players.

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The ratio rule and the 7 starters thing and the designated imports is all complicated enough already without this. It's dumb.