Very Puzzling

I'm still baffled about why Tre Smith was sat down, instead of someone like Scott Mitchell. I know the ratio was involved, but Smith has been great on returns all year. So you sit down the key to your special team play, instead of a platoon receiver who has done nothing all year.

And if you're going to keep Mitchell active, why isn't he playing? Why is "StoneHands" Wilson on the field at all? This makes no sense. Other teams keep their best players on the field as much as possible, but the Cats seem determined to make sure everybody gets enough reps during games. This isn't houseleague!!

Where were Bauman and Woodcock? Why did Wilson take a single snap ahead of either one of them? Where was Mitchell? Sitting down Smith to keep Mitchell active sure looks stupid now? This offense needs continuity not equal opportunity.

Can someone please explain this to me?

I started a thread about this last night but it got lost with all the new threads. I agree with everything you said. I didnt even see bauman on the field and the only play i saw to woodcock was the big cath at the end of the game. Both those players should be out there before the coaches even think about putting wilson on the field. i dont get it

I fully concur with you guys. With the exception of P'Rod, our receivers were invisible most of the night. What gives?

Okay kid, I'll explain the easy stuff for you. For Caulley to get in the game, they had to take an import receiver out. Wilson lined up at slotback, with Walker, Rodriguez and Woodcock to start the game. Bauman has been moved to wide receiver and is the fifth receiver to come in when they use that package. Do I think Wilson should have been in the game? No. I'm just explaining what the coaching staff did to get Caulley in the game.

I'm no kid, and you still haven't explained why Scott Mitchell was in uniform and Tre Smith was not. I understand the ratio, but taking Smith out instead of Mitchell is, as I stated, very puzzling.

You're right, but why can't Woodcock or Bauman play the slot? Are you telling me then can't move guys around to help the ratio? I don't care if Bauman "has been moved to WR", he can still play the slot when we need him to.

Anyways, maybe Wilson is a good blocker downfield and thus is more useful on a running play. Who knows, but we desperately need some good Canadian linemen. (Gagne-Marcoux's injury could be the biggest of them all.)

i get what your saying but it would of mad a lot more sence if they just used bauman in the slot.

Okay, I'll give this a shot as well. With Tre Smith being mainly a kick returner and a back-up running back, I'm sure this was the most less disruptive move to make to get an import out of the lineup. Mitchell is the starting slotback and he would have been in the game when Caulley wasn't playing. I thought JoJo Walker did a decent job on his kick returns which leads me to believe that Tre Smith wouldn't have made one iota of difference if he had played in this game, unless of course, he could have played defensive end and at least put some kind of pressure on Glenn.

I always find it puzzling that it seems Woodcock never gets thrown a ball until the very dying minutes of the game… Why aren’t they involving Woodcock and Bauman in the game more?

Walker had a great game last night.

P-Rod was also invisible.