very odd

whats very odd in this league is Mathieu Bertrand.

he went from a Laval QB to a very very good fullback, he's a auesome blocker he can catch a ton of balls out of the backfield and he can usually cash it in from the goal line. its weird to think a guy can go from a running QB to a big nasty full back that can lay out some guys and be a productive fullback

Its that Canadian Quarterback thing... Thats why I'd be in favour of making the third QB a Canadian!

I agree sports, its time we developed some good Canadian QBs in this league.

I'm actually pretty surprised that we haven't used him for any trick passing plays(Bertrand to Tucker!?). Stupid Maciocca and his conservative offensive scheme!

And I think punter Rodney Williams said he was a qb back in high school.

it's about time they count QBS in the import ratio! one Canadian QB per team, that's 1 out of 4.

What's the use of doing this, I would be sad to see a Canadian talent sitting on the bench. A lot of teams has a "I do it my own way" like us with the Don...

At least Mathieu is seeing a lot of action...

CFL rocks.

Good thread subject !!!

at least you would be giving the Canadian QBs an opportunity to play in the CFL, and who knows, you might actually find a few on them are good enough to start! :o

I agree that this is great for him. What I can't understand is that someone who openly bashes Quebec and everything that comes from Quebec.... and Eastern Canada for the most part, can come around and fall head over heels for a French Canadian just because he is an Eskimo.

If a Canadian QB is good enough to make a roster over an import he will. We don't need a special spot reserved for canadian qbs. I don't see how this situation is any different than receivers or runningbacks(both of which positions are filled with import players).

All I'm saying is that you have a 2 to 1 ratio for ALL players, you have 42 players, so cut in half that's 21 to 21, take two or one more players to the other side, and you have 23 (or 22) Canadians and 19 (or 20) Import players.

Keeping with the "odd" theme, Mr. Bertrand lost weight when he was switched to FB.

That's essentially what I remmeber being told during my interviews by Lancaster, Buono and some in media. Vince Danielsen told me that he switched to slotback in last year at university. He said he knew that if he wanted to play in CFL, he'd have to do it at a "Canadian" position.

That is beyond sad.

I am in full agreement that 3rd QB be reserved for a Canadian.

There's a mindset out there among coaches and GMs that Canadians can't play QB or that it'd be a waste of a roster spot to develop one.

Only way this will change is if they're forced to open up their eyes.

if the whole import being better at QB is really an issue, then just do the 22 Canadians to 20 Imports ratio that I said above, it's a smaller number, but still a majority of Canadians OVER imports. Now a team can sign 3import QBs, but loses a few spots on other positions that could be filled with imports.

Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough. Yes I agree that it would be a good opportunity and that it would be really nice, don't get me wrong on this.

But, the fact is that the US is just too much an huge QB & RB factory for the canadian market. In my own little opinion, from all the canadian team, i.e university, you will be able to find realy good players to fill the other positions.

For the QB and RB, there is too few of them. It's only a question of the amount of players available in the canadian pool, like I said, it's just that we're "outnumbers".

Sad but true.

You know...I'll start a thread on this.

CFL Rocks.

Agreed. If the dude can play, he'll play. We need better coaching at the developmental level(i.e. CIS). That's what it'll take. Not for the sake of developing wasted talent when you reach the pros. You don't develop in the pros when you don't have the tools to be a pro.
Bertrand was a freak in college. He was huge and a QB. The Esks have a history of drafting the "best athlete" in the draft. It's up to them to use them as they see fit to help their ball club.

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