Very Interesting Story

I'm not sure if anyone has seen or read this yet....yes I know its the argos, but at least Marcel hasn't done something like this (to my knowledge). What a low blow if true & how could you deny something like this if someone already has proof u said it on tape!

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The decision to put Allen on the field isn't made by Damon Allen, so the stunt to "de-stunt" the good ship S.S. Fleecer through a misplaced but blunt broadside is well, stunted. LOL

Eventually youth has to be served. Using the airwaves to deflect blame for the delay in turning the page and going to a young QB isn't my cup of tea.

I would like to listen to the comments Rita made on air if those are available.

Oski Wee Wee,

You can link to the audio of the interview from the article itself (in right hand box).
The conversation turns to Damon around 7 mins in and goes for a few minutes.
I have to say, I heard this interview live on the radio and I didnt think he was being derogatory to Damon. After listening to it a second time via the link, I would still say that he is being taken out of context in the article itself as he talked for close to 3 mins on the subject and it was shortened to a couple lines.
In my opinion, he is placing more blame on the team itself for not having someone ready to take the job from the stubborn old guy who wont go away. Until this year I suppose....

If you go back to the we site i provided and scroll to the bottom, you'll notice that on the leftside of ur screen is a "Related" taskbar. At the bottom you'll find "Audio interview: Rita rips Allen, team" didnt listen 2 all of it but it definitely made me laugh

I understand youth has 2 b served but 2 disrespect someone like that is not right.


I dunno, it's honesty and that's refreshing in this day and age of mega-media and PC speak.

When someone is honest or offers an opinion he gets criticised.

I think Rita told it like it is. Nothing wrong with that. Who doesn't think Allen should have retired?

Ultimately, though, it's the Argos' fault for signing him.

You have to do what's right for the team. Team first. That's why Hitchcock and Morreale are no longer with the Ti-Cats. It's a tough choice, a sad choice, but the right choice.

Rita has a history of saying awful things to the media about players or other teams. In 1991 he said something along the lines that the Ti-Cats didn't deserve to play in the CFL.

Rita is pretentious scum..

I didn't think Rita was out of line at all. I think his criticism if it can even be called that was pretty muted. Allen placed the team in a difficult position. They couldn't cut him given his iconic status (deserved or not) and so the Argos had no choice but to bring him back and hope that he had enough left for one last hurrah. I'm sure the team realized that it would be best to move on with younger QBs but Allen tied their hands behind their backs by insisting that he could still play. Rita's comments just reflect those sentiments and his own frustrations over the situation.

An Argo-Cat fan

Remember a few years ago when Rita physically attacked Jeff Reinbold? HAHAHA

Who cares - it's the blue team that is really the PINK TEAM............................

If he blames Allan for the Argos resigning Allan, it sounds like he's more than a bit out to lunch. It's not up to Allan to decide who plays QB for the Argos.

On the broader context, he's got a point, and not just in Toronto. Three years back, you could see that CFL East was in for a rough patch, since three of the four teams continued to ride a steadily-declining future HofF QB with no obvious heir apparent. All three have since tried to address the problem but, until two weeks ago with the Printers signing (hopefully), none of the three had found their next great QB.

Rita is actually one of the best GM's to interview. He speaks his mind, tells you what he actually thinks, and doesn't give you the same old sports answers. Although he might not always be politically correct or careful, its refreshing to be able to have a normal conversation. I have always enjoyed Rita, the good and bad.