Very Good Game

Good game Ticats!

This game could have gone either way and I thought it was great to finally see you guys competing out there.

Ticat fans are some of the best in the league, In the 4th Quarter the place was rocking! you may not have sold many tickets but the die hards that were there made the CFL proud.

I am positive that you guys will be in the playoffs this year and probably even make a it to the Big game itself. I wouldn't mind seeing an 89' rematch :lol:

Today you showed the CFL that you are not the same team as last year.

Congrats on a good game and good luck the rest of the way.

Yes and lets not forget we are still a very very young team.

The cats are showing promise thats for sure.

Thanks Riderzfan, things certainly are looking bright in Tigertown, although it feels a little cloudy after today's game. :frowning:

I'm confident we can recover and have a great game against Calgary. This is not the '07 Ticats.

An '89 rematch would be excellent, but I'd rather see '67 and '72 results!


This team just needs time to gel.

Thank you for kind words.
We'll see back in Regina..
I hope we can Return the Favour
I get 2 Points in Your Home Park.
It was great game by Both Teams.

Congratulations Riders. It was an excellent game in my opinion.

Cats fans, this may have been a good thing to lose such a close one. I know the team didn't take the game lightly all week, but this will further reinforce the need to play 60 full minutes rather than 59 and a half next week in Calgary. They also need to tighten up on a few glaring mistakes that lose football games(Printers missing Miles for TD, Jesse fumble, penalties, slack coverage).

Winning this one possibly could've inflated their egos. The difference between week 1 & 2, there is no comparison. Between 2 & 3, it was very close. However, I think they will work even harder this week and for the rest of the season. These kind of losses will eat at you all week long. It just may be the motivational boost they need.

It was a great game :thup:

Although I wish the outcome would have been different, the last 8 minutes were electrifying and the crowd noise was unbelievable (reminded me of the 98 playoff game). :rockin: :rockin:

I think they plyed better in week 3 than in weeks one or two. The difference may have been the teams they have played. Each week they get better and better. That was a great CFL team out there.

If someone had said a month ago that the Cats would be more than competitive against the defending Grey Cup champs, I'm sure most of us would've taken that. They haven't quite turned the corner yet but they are close. It's been a few years since I've seen a true 'team' wearing Cats uniforms and it was great to see.

The race for playoffs spots in the East has gotten a whole lot more interesting.

An Argo-Cat fan

It was a good game and great to see all the watermelon heads in the stands.

That was the most intense game I have seen in the last few years. The Ti Cats are getting really strong.
I think your drought is over, and Hamilton will have a great season this year.

I am very happy the the Riders won, but I am also happy to see the Ti Cats growing stronger. It only makes our league that much better when everyone is in such tight competition for the championship.

Way to go Cats..Good luck this season...
well except when you guys are playing the Riders LOL

Kudos to to the organization for putting forth such a strong product this season.

An undefeated team that won the grey cup last year and the cats took them down to the wire. I know they missed some key players but......winnipeg was missing a pretty key player in the cup and thats part of the game. When games are close the really good teams find a way to come out on top in the end, in all sports. The cats are competing well and could have won the game with just a bounce but they didnt. It was still a great game to watch and coming out on top in those kind of games is just part of the learning curve for a young team. You can get in those battles with teams like sask but they are the champs and undefeated and they are gonna win more close ones than they are gonna lose, cats will get there. I enjoyed it.