Very fitting for "Damon Allen Day"

IMO, there are very few QBS who warrant the "great" description. Damon Allen is not one of them. On the other hand, he's not a mediocre QB as some here have stated. He's a very good, competent QB and has been for most of his career.

The ceremony on Saturday was in recognition of his record breaking milestone, not for a great career. He's still a shoo-in for the CFL HOF though as he should be.

An Argo fan

I think that is a modest assessment Barney.

Damon's record is great and that places him easily in the great QB catagory to me.

Just look at the good ship Argo without Damon and with him.

What a difference!

He's smooth rolling out with pin point passing or running through teams defences.

He's been a great QB in my books ,especially when he has a cast of recievers around him ,but thats only fair ,who wants to play football with a baunch of average or under achieving recievers.

Damon Allen has been a great QB! :cowboy:

Damon isn't the perfect QB for sure, you can generally count on him to make a couple of throws no where near a receiver and take a time count penalty every game, but when the chips are down he come to the fore.
Another thing that people omit when running him down is the rushing yardage he has piled up especially in his early years. To me he has been the prototype CFL QB and good for him that he has played 22 years and can still get it done. As Pinball says he's a freak of nature but that shouldn't take away from what he has accomplished.

Man...of all games to be broadcast throughout some of the States and abroad to our soldiers. A real low scoring turnover filled crap game. I hope those southerners don't come away with the wrong impression of our game.