Very cool Rider billboard...IN EDMONTON!!!!

This is funny!!!

wont let me see says I have to be logged in

Its a billboard that says "Hey, Eskie fans, well save a section for ya! - September 26"" with a Riders loggo, green background, white lettering. Just like last year, iirc.

hey, have you seen Terminators just next after it?

it says "Hey Esks, Durant Sucks, so no worries!"

try this link if your don't have a riderfan acct.

I wish we could post images.....

wow that is amazing I love it

No wonder this game is selling so many tickets.

In hamilton at one point, there was a billboard that was black with white lettering that said
TORONTO SUCKS!..Im not sure what ever happend to it but i LOVED!!! it!

That billboard is full of win

We had an awesome turnout in Edmonton!!!!