Very Classy Chris Berman

Way to go mentioning Milt's record breaking performance during the MNF halftime show, classy guy and supporter of the CFL.

Berman Rocks for sure.

ya i was making the same topic at the same time... anyways, very classy Mr. Berman and good for the CFL to get some acknowledgement from the NFL

Berman mentions and/or shows a highlight from the CFL from time to time. He's a genuine fan of the league.

Great on Berman! It was disappointing that the teams had to wear their retro uniforms though. Considering all the exposure the clip got in the United States, it is unfortunate that they probably won't understand the circumstances behind the "retro jerseys", and will just think the CFL looks bush. It was also odd how all the NFL clips he showed were really crisp and clear in HD, yet the Stegall clip was blurry and did not appear to be HD.

Berman is always a good cheerleader for the CFL.

but if you want to see berman freakout check this:

esks123 the bomber retro jerseys were nice...

Berman is a bit of a tool

Who cares if Berman shows hilights of the CFL.. Who cares if people think it's bush league.
I could really care less if people in the USA give a flying funk about the CFL.
Why are Canadians so pathetic and get all warm and fuzzy when ever Americans acknowlege our exsistance... SOOOOOO PATHETIC.... Go to the BBC website and punch in CFL...every topic is about mercury laden "environmentaly friendly" light bulbs.
Canadians don't care about what England thinks about us...yet the USA is our holy grail....We pop big ones every time a yank mentions us....even if it's a moron like Chris (back back back back) Berman.
I'm sure Steggal is pumped about it however... Atleast his friends in Atlanta will see the clip and realize he's not up here playing tiddly winks.

If you could care less than obviously you wouldn't have wasted 5 minutes writing a paragraph that's barely legible.

This is a topic about Chris Berman giving the CFL props, don't like it, don't post your "thuogts" about it.

I liked it...
The guy talks CFL..
Good for you Chris..
Convince your friends..

Blin do you EVER have ANYTHING positive to say?

Just because we acknowledge that a TV personality is a CFL fan does NOT mean that anybody is kow-towing to Yankee imperialism. Step off your soap box occasionally and stop being a party pooper. OK?

Sheesh you're a downer.

Kudos to Berman in his "typical" style to acknowledge Stegall's accomplishment. Could have to do with his visit to Winnipeg, in June, for a sportsman's dinner. If anyone did go to the supper, how was Berman? I suspect he was as comical as he is on NFL Countdown.

Berman is a very good football kinda guy. i remember seeing him in winnipeg this year watching the bombersd training camp. he is a fan of the cfl and really enjoys the game. glad to know he was up to par on stegalls performance.

Dont expect Blin to make CFL fans in the United States feel welcomed. Poor Blin. Good thing I alredy had my run in with him. He could have spoiled my moment with a exiting NFL game with a lil CFL thown in.

I thought that exact same thing!
It looked like a home video of some High School game.

Being one who enjoys a good conspiracy thory...

I'll just assume that this is somehow connected to
TSN (ESPN Canada) being bullied by the NFL to
not expose the States to any quality CFL footage
ever since the two leagues' "working agreement"
officially fell apart earlier this year

... or something like that :roll: [url=] ... ports/home[/url]


Ever since Blin's dad wasnt able to drink wine at the Lions game, Blin has never been the same.

The half time thing was good. To bad my Eagles couldn't win though.

He also showed highlights of the grey cup during a mnf game last year.

The clips were blurry probably because he had to get them off the web like every other schmo South of the border.

Jeez I hope that problem is fixed next year.

True... very true.... It has scared me.......
We actually went to a game since and we crotched mickeys it was a much better time all around...
The damage has been repaired only partically however.