Vertual First Down line

Is it me or is it a waste of time?
I have noticed that it is either in the wrong place or not there at all. I have also seen many time where just as the ball carrier aproaches it, it dissapears.

i like it.

I'm one of those people who can usually tell if they got close to a first down with out the virtual line, so I don't really need it. I don't mind it, though - it doesn't bother me a bit. Whether they keep it or not, I don't really care. I don't think it's really a waste of time, though, since I do think some people benefit from it. Gee - could I sit on the fence a little more here? :smiley:

Oh I like it too, but it never seems to be working properly on CBC or TSN

That I will agree with, 13. Perhaps some fine-tuning is in order.

One thing I can live without is the ALL MIC"ED up segment on CBC.

It's not bad when they us it during a play but to watch and listen to a player on the sidelines saying "Lets go guys, Common Guys" geeze

Typical CBC programing.

I think they should keep the mics on, but make it a LIVE feed - completely spontaneous and unedited! :smiley: How awesome could that get?? I'd pay to hear that. . .

My ears are burning already :smiley:

Like I said its ok during a play but from the bench :roll:

The mic'd up segments have been disappointing, virtual 1st down line
is good. You wouldnt get anyone volunteering for the mic'c segment
if it went live.

The Problem With The Mic'd Up Segmint Is That Most Of The Times That You'd Really Want To Hear What Was Said They Can't Air It Cause There's Way Too Much Profanity. For Example Coe This Weekend Got In A Bit Of A Scrap And Chris Walby Actually Made Reference To The Mic'd Up "Boy I'd Like To Here What Got Coe So Worked Up" Or Something Like That But They Never Even Used That Clip Most Likely Cause It Was Almost Completely Swearing. But A Lot Of It Is The Player, If They Stick To Keeping It On Defensive Captins It'll Be Great To Hear. "A Great Day For War" Was The Slogan By One Of The Ottawa LBs A Few Weeks Ago While He Was Waiting For The Game To Start After A Lightening Delay.

Keep the line....let Walby edit the mic'd up segment :wink:

But hearing them put is finger back in was kind of sickening.
And I remember as a kid watching football games i general, I always thought that the line was real and the guys with the chains on the sideline were pulling up and down the field. :oops: old are you milkman?...the line has only been used for a couple of years....

im 15 now.
I remember back when I was around 8 or maybe even 9

oh..ok...... I used to think Wrestling (AWA in my day) was real when I was about that age....

ic. dumb naive little kids...... smart sometimes! .... but so naive.....

Yeah. And sometimes, as the ball carrier approaches the line, it starts moving ahead. Then I usually tell the ball carrier: “Faster, you slob! The first down marker is running away!”

Then my girlfriend usually check in the room, notice that I am not on the phone, and ask, with a worried look: “Who are you talking to?”

Wow, 3/10 - we're rapidly approaching the point of too much information. . .Wear a white jacket with long arms and shiny buckles do we? :wink:

I've ask to get such a jacket with the Als' colours, but apparently, they all come in white only.

Dont forget the sleves tie in the back!!!!!