Vero workouts

Sorry...I don't know all the names here but will do as best i can
#27 looked like a guy to watch in the secondary...great reaction to the ball...there was one DB who played rather well also (former O Duck is all I know)...looks pretty small though so it might hamper his chances....but watch for 27 to be a main camper...been worried about the state of the secondary but seeing guys like that gives a confidence boost.

Bryan Bennett started out the hottest arm but I would say Glenn probably ended up being the most consistent and then VY. Didn't see Kinne out there but Bennett was a nice surprise...held his own as did Bridge. Bennett might have a cannon...looking forwards to more of him. the other QB (Heap??)had a respectable day but it was clear he didnt have the experience of the others. Glenn separated himself as a leader out there...clearly. Honestly...the QBs overall looked alright....but it was a light day. Young he has an arm.

there were a couple receivers I did not know...looks like they have found a couple with some potential...I was not a massive fan of Grant or Owens signings though I did not hate them...some good experience to roll into the slot at times...but I think they have another guy or 2 in this mix that can entirely compete to displace someone. #83 was open lots...he got a lot of looks and did well for himself. #10 did pretty good to...I really think that the Riders fd up with the 2 pickups i mentioned before and that they are going to end up passing on fresh young talent. Baines (Canafian guy)...pretty big target and he looked good...very good...heat up the trading rumors because I think they found themselves a guy they can work with and grow into a legit is early but I liked him...He was also one of only about 8 players I chatted with and he seems like a good guy.

It was a really small gathering of players...thought there would be more. was a fairly casual day...but Glenn seemed like the #1 guy and VY seemed like the #2 guy...Bennett perhaps #3. There were a couple promising DBs...need a couple more still....someone mentioned that they signed Fonzy Dennard today though...and I was like "the Fonzy Dennard" and they said yep...the ex Pat. I was kinda surprised...hell of a player and should still be in the NFL but hit a cop...I remember when that all went down...if he has his head on right he is a hell of a pickup. Receivers...a few "mehs' but a few "yups" and the Canadian is a nice bonus. not much to say on LBs...a few that looked like they might step into Foster's spot I guess. Lines...I don't have a pile to say there...padless. Guy seemed fricken over the moon to be out there which was nice to was genuine he was pumped to be back there was a little good action on the DL i guess....but i really didn't watch it.

DB is probably Zavian Bingham.

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They're saying Kinne is no longer with the details.

I’d love to see Dennard make the team, so long as his legal issues are in the past, and he is in football shape. Dude was a pretty good corner for the Pats.