Vernon the Real Deal!

Great article about Vernon. About time he gets some love from the media. To make up for Herb :slight_smile:


He's got a great attitude. For me, this is still his team and I would hope for an Adams-Shiltz duo next season.

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The team is in Harris' hands now. I'm hoping he plays lights out for the rest of the year and I'll let next year be next year.

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If this team has Harris anywhere near it next year we are in great trouble. Edmonton didn't decide to go with a totally inexperienced QB and let Harris go for no good reason. He has shown absolutely nothing. As for Adams I like the guy, but you cannot hope to win consistently in the CFL with a passing percentage under 60%. I don't know if he just can't find receivers or if he is just inaccurate, but he just isn't good enough. Right now the best we have is Shiltz, but the coaching staff doesn't seem to have any confidence in him. Things have not really improved the last few years and what we really need is a new GM. Otherwise almost every American we have will be another CFL's reject. And we might as well call our Canadians the Carabins elite(?).

Much may depend on what Harris is willing to do with his contract ... which will be influenced by Harris' perception of what demand would be for him from other teams.

I think you missed my point. I don't think Harris is up to the job even if he plays for nothing.,

Edmonton's brain trust is not to be trusted. Whatever reasons they had for showing Harris the door are questionable at best. They have shown all year to make poor personnel and coaching decisions. We are talking about the team that traded for and signed a new franchise QB and not dressed him for a whole month!

If Edmonton shedding Harris was a good idea it would only be by pure luck and certainly not by any sound decision making. The Elks don't have a freaking clue about what they're doing so I wouldn't use their roster moves as evidence against Harris or anyone else.



I would add that while Harris was unable to lead the Als to the end zone in the second half of Friday night's game, hard to blame him when his RB fumbled the ball twice in the half resulting in the RB recovering and ultimately putting points up on the board.

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And I still have in mind the QB clinic Harris gave to the Als in the ESF of 2019...
36/39, > 400 yards, 1 TD, 1 int....when Adams had barely 50% completion, a bit more than 200 yards and 3 int.

Harris played well, he was confident, brave and was very good when rolling out. Didn't turn over the ball. Moved it consistently all game. What more can someone ask for from a guy who's with the team less than a month?


I think Harris has done just fine. My issue in the long term -- leaving aside the remainder of this season -- is 1. He's 35 and 2. He is not suited to the RPO offense we run, which demands a mobile QB. Unless Khari changes the entire offense next year specifically to suit Harris, I don't see him as a good longterm fit on our team.