Vernon Adams

June Jones! Now there’s a talent!
I don’t think he could have evaluated talent if his life depended on it! He did everything to stick with “golden boy? Manziel And that turned out how?

Yep I never understood why we let him go either!

You are correct. If I recall we traded for him at a much higher salary than a 3rd string, making keeping him next to impossible.

Oh the details.

Jones didn’t even give Manziel a sniff of the field as a Ticat

JJs first moves upon taking over a winless team was make Masoli starting QB and Banks full time WR.

Not too shabby of an evaluation making 2 backups into All Stars.

When we traded for Adams we had no experienced backups to Masoli. It was before Johnny Hype signed with the team and there was no assurance he would. The braintrust decided we should have at least one solid alternative to Jeremiah.

Once we signed Johnny and he somehow claimed the #2 spot on the depth chart, the team felt comfortable that we could release Adams, who was making a higher salary than Dane Evans, as Crash mentioned.

Why is that so hard to remember or understand?

Because its way more fun to kick and scream that management screwed up than to back them as making the right decision at the time.

Can’t speak for anyone else, but as I said before, I’m not (overly) upset that we traded Hughes for Adams, because as you say, we needed a backup with experience. But when he let it slip at that presser that a trade for Adams was in the works, everyone & their dog knew that he had screwed up that deal. That was just dumb with a capital D. Jones did some good things, but they were definitely offset with things like this & his inexplicable game management decisions.

its also possible we couldn’t get Montreal to give us anything for Adams so Jones was trying to make it seem like we had another trade partner. I’m just speculating.

Possible, but I seem to recall that all the league “insiders” considered it highly likely that Adams was going to be traded to Montreal at the time. Also just speculating, but I think that letting it slip was more in line with Jones’ “aw shucks” nature.

So Vernon Adams was experienced? A guy who at that point only threw for 583 yards in his CFL career. That’s who was going to bail us out if Masoli faltered or got injured?

So Tillman with all of his so-called connections couldn’t bring in a similarly inexperienced rookie QB and simultaneously find a way to keep a game breaking future Hall of Fame D-Lineman?

How many of these type of DL have we had in the last 40 years? Montford and Covington? These aren’t exactly a dime a dozen.

There is always post-NCAA QBs like Fajardo, Evans, Streveler, waiting around for a chance to sign with a pro team.

Tillman botched it huge.

Back to $$$

Hughes was assumed to be on the wrong side of his career and still comanded top dollar. In hindsight well worth it but at the time…

I suppose it’s always easy to evaluate decisions with the benefit of hindsight. Chick may be a HOF DL and we brought him in, but he didn’t have much gas left in the tank. CAL apparently thought the same of Hughes when they let him go. I think CH is defying expectations by continuing to play at the level he is at the age of 35. Even Montford slowed down quite a bit in his early 30s and was pretty much done by the time he turned 35.

Good teams such as Calgary, who are good at assessing talent, will release a player when they still have some gas left in the tank -and command top dollar.
These teams will replace with another player, usually not as experienced but on the incline at a much lower cap hit.

The veteran player, that now has star power, ends up with a desperate team that needs to appease their base at a high salary. Which can mess with their salary cap. (For the Riders CH is producing, but they will have to find a replacement in next couple of years.)

I’d think that almost every experienced coach must be able to judge a player’s abilities, especially now with recorded games, analytics, grading sheets etc.

The real test must be in judging potential. Is a guy going to be a pro level player, how soon, how good, and for how long? Calgary seems to have a handle on that, moving guys out just before their best before date, and sliding in guys just as they are reaching their peak. That, for me, must the tough part of coaching, and is the difference in coaching abilities.

It’s not just good coaching, but good General Management, good scouting, good player personnel, etc…

oh ffs…