Vernon Adams

So we got rid of Vernon Adams because??

Because the coaching staff felt the other three QBs we had were better for the amounts we were paying them?

Do we really have to do this? Get over it Masoli is our guy.

because we already have a starting qb?

Vernon has a better opportunity in Montreal in Hamiton he would not get much of a chance to play. Kinda like Johnny football.

Good for Vernon to enjoy some success.

The cats have some competition in the east, so complacency from our offence has to become a thing of the past.

If you think Vernon would have the same results on a different team... then you don't know football.

Success in football requires the right mix of many different things, and many different players.

The only regret over Adams that I have is that June Jones let it slip that they had a trade in the works for him, it didn’t work out & we released him, allowing Mtl to pick him up for nothing.

Just like we let AC go over there , good for them .

We are Montreals QB pipeline.

Im more mad that we traded charleston hughes for adams in the first place and then just released him anyways. Thank god Tillmans gone

Yes, that one hurts, especially if you watched Charleston Hughes last evening.

He’s the most entertaining QB in the league. Or, at least, he has been for the past couple of weeks. Other than being 4 & 1/2 years younger and about 30 lbs. lighter, he’s basically the Jeremiah Masoli we knew before the reining in of our guy’s style of play began. Adams, getting his chance to be a starter, quite likely leading to his having a long, successful CFL career, will, a decade from now, be looked at as the only good thing to come of Johnny Manziel’s CFL tryout.

Quite the projection based off of 3 games.

Calgary traded Hughes in the first place because he was a big salary cap hit and maybe some worry about age (he is now 35). Possibly Ti-Cats got him for a bit less because Calgary wanted him out of their division but then Cats flipped him to the Riders where he signed an extension. No question he has played great, but the impaired driving charge goes on the other side of the ledger. Bottom line: Ti-Cats lost the 4th round 2019 draft choice they gave up for Hughes (turned out to be Fraser Sopik) plus an exchange of 4th round 2018 draft choices that probably didn’t make much difference. Losing Adams to Montreal for nothing was not the best but Cats needed the cap and roster space for Manziel who turned out to be a good asset.

There was no indication that anyone was gonna give up anything for him.

I’d say we got enough out of Montreal…

I agree that I'm sticking my neck out, early, on Adams. But he reminds me so much of Masoli at the end of the 2015 season -- our #4 QB on the depth chart for the first 2/3 of that season, #3 for Games 13 through 17, #2 for the season finale, and then starter in the two playoff games. His play in the Eastern Final, just his second start, made me believe he had a great CFL future ahead. I agree with what June Jones saw in both of them.


Can only carry and pay so many players. Sometimes you just have to pay your money and take your chances. But if Adams was still here would he be starting? Indeed, if Pipkin had not been hurt, would Adams be starting? It seems the path to starting QB in the CFL is not always a straight line, and sometimes is just being in the right place at the right time.

Adams then and Adams now weren’t the same player.

And he wouldn’t have beaten anyone for second on the depth chart. Dropping to a third string salary, at best, he would have asked for his release which he more or less did…

Then today we would be crying about how Adams was released for nothing and why “we” didnt try to trade him…something…something. .this team doesn’t know how to evaluate talent etc.

On this board’s crying and whining chart will Vernon Adams replace Anthony Cavillo?

Yup. Hughes is an absolute machine. Can you imagine him in Black & Gold?

We had him. But what do you expect from the guy who traded Ray for Jyles?