Vernon Adams

What is everybody's opinion of this guy? I don't know too much about him except that he had a stellar college career and some limited CFL playing experience. The Cats must be pretty high on Adams since they flipped Charlseton Hughes to attain him. It would be nice to actually have a competent backup QB in case Masoli gets injured so that a promising season doesn't get derailed like what happened in 2015 when Zach went down.

So how much upside does Adams have?

He's very similar to Masoli, in both body shape/size, and playing style. Also, they both played at Oregon. The small amount of passing stats he put up with Montreal are respectable in every way.

June Jones clearly likes the scrambling style of QB, as Masoli, Adams and Moniz are all scramblers. I'm not sure about Evans though.

They went out and got Adams from Sask on their own, so they clearly saw some upside. I would be shocked if at the end of camp he isn't the undisputed #2.

Some great highlights from his 2015 season at Oregon:

A lot of the plays they ran at Oregon are very similar to CFL offenses. Very wide open diversion based schemes like we see up here a lot.

He looked good two years ago at the end of the season with the Als .

They gave up on him and Bridge .

I like him as he can run and scramble a bit .

Also... he's only 25. Lots of football left in him.

This intro video the Ticats got him to do after being traded to Tigertown, and shows that he actually has some history with June Jones.

He was with the Riders so you know he was incredibly awesome with an absolutely insane amount of upside. Up until he left.

I'd compare him more to Jonathan Jennings than Jeremiah Masoli. Has a good arm which can be a little "whippy" at times. Elusive scrambler. Very good "free-styler".

Not as thick or strong in the lower body as Masoli. Definitely athletic but more slender.

Adams has struggled in the 3rd & 1 or short yardage QB sneak. Hope they don't use him for that or work with him on it if they can.

Played for Beau Baldwin @ Eastern Washington. Bo Levi Mitchell & Matt Nichols also played @ EWU with Baldwin.

As far as back-ups go, I think he's gotta be considered in the top third amongst the 9 teams.

Masoli shed about 20 pounds in the 2016-2017 off-season, and is now about 205lbs - which is only 5lbs heavier than Adams. They may wear it differently, but they are very similar size.

Also, Adams is 1" taller, so that would certainly make him look a bit slimmer.

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Montreal got rid of him - which probably means he's good.

Probably too good to be a 3rd stringer. If Manziel comes up to speed, I wouldn't be surprised to see Adams traded to Winnipeg, who are desperate for a backup since Durant fleeced them.

From the Ticats' perspective, it isn't whether he's too good to be a third stringer - you can never have too many good quarterbacks. It's whether he's too expensive to be a third stringer. Anyone know what his salary is?

The 2016 portion paid Adams $70,000 in “hard? money – $60,000 base salary and $10,000 housing – plus $750 per game for starting. In 2017 he’ll make around $80,000 in “hard? cash with possible incentives. 2018 will see Adams get a similar bump as he did from year one to two. Most quarterbacks who come north of the border get the minimum salary on their “rookie? deals.

He is in the last year of his 3yr contract that he signed with MTL
I would say $90K hard money

60-80K is standard for a solid 3rd. Manziel is getting #2 money IMO with the 122K base.

Dont believe everything you read. DD didn’t fleece anyone, even if these anyones led people to believe otherwise. The Bombs knew very well that DD was considering retirement. DD has a lot more integrity than that, I am sure!

He's hurt?

Apparently, Upper body

Word is he hurt his back in the weight room. Coach Jones said, post practice on Monday the 28th, that he could be back practising on Tuesday.

Going to be a starter in this league.