Vernon Adams

IMO It wasn't an evaluation issue. Its a development issue. You've got to put these guys in an environment where they can succeed. How in the world is a rookie QB supposed to master the CFL game with the collection and musical chair brochette we have had over the last five years ???

Most of these guys regressed ! They played better without coaching than they did once they were coached. That's unacceptable. Also we tossed guys in there that had no business starting because of injuries mostly.

This year we are in good shape to START a new program and get this team heading the other direction. Hopefully they stay healthy and we see this team return to .500 football and winning more than losing at home. And they may get lucky and one of the other eastrn teams run into trouble. Toronto has no experience behind Ray. Collaros won't suit up till at least labor day. Ottawa lost lots of moving parts...So a couple injuries here and there...

Also, it's a bit weird to use our failure to locate a QB so far as a reason not to acquire a draft pick, which can only help us in our search. I mean, if you don't trust Popp and co. to evaluate talent, then you have a long, unpleasant season ahead of you. On some level, we have to believe that the coaches are capable of finding that next guy, which is a percentage game more than anything else. The more quality prospects you evaluate, the greater your odds of finding the right guy.

Popp has brought plenty of talented guys in. In particular Smith and Cato. Bridge is a massive talent but more of a development guy. Smith and Cato were thrown in there too quickly and constantly had to deal with new coaches... Its very unfair.

We all agree there will be a better environment for the QB prospects this season - Glenn, Calvillo, Chapdelaine. So why not work with Cato, Bridge, Boyd?

Adams like all rookie QBs will be a developmental project. Is he better than the 3 above? A 1st round draft choice better? Popp & Co. better be right. We will quickly find out.

And if Buono couldnt sign Adams, what would he have done? Hold him for ransom for a year on the neg. list which I believe he is allowed to do as long as he made a fair offer? Other teams were interested they say, but Buono wouldnt trade him to a team in the west. Doubtful the 3 other East teams would have offered a 1st round choice, so why did Popp?

Boyd is a TC body, nothing more. He was signed for depth but when a guy like Adams is available you go for Adams and don't look back. Bridge, I'll be surprised if he amounts to anything but a short-yardage backup QB in this league. Cato is the most developed but his head seems to be elsewhere. Glenn is 37. So really, we have Glenn, Cato, Bridge, and an open spot, which is better filled by Adams than by anyone else right now.

Don't we want Popp to be beating the bushes looking for the next guy? I'm having a hard time understanding the antipathy toward this trade. I know it's never ideal to give up a first-rounder, but sometimes to win big you have to take risks.

There was a lot of interest for him... We just don't know what teams. Popp offered his first rounder this year and Buono wouldn't make the deal, tells you how badly he wanted him. Even makes you wonder if he had signed Adams a couple months ago if he would have paid Jennings ransom.

But if we can't develop him...

His size was a big concern. Some said that he looked a couple inches smaller than his listed height of 5'11".

Every now and then a "smaller" quarterback does very well. Every now and then. They are few and far between.
The odds are a taller passer will do better in the long run. We already have Cato. Why go for two "smaller" guys?

There are tones of variables, but I could agree with: odds are a taller passer of equal talent will do better in the long run. But I will always take talent over height.

Besides "some said" is hardly conclusive evidence.

[i]Johnny loves this trade! Quarterback is the most important position. The 1st rounder given up to get his rights seems reasonable.

Johnny knows not to get too excited over youtube videos. But, this one is worth checking out.

Adams can really flick the football! He has a nice compact and quick release. His long ball has a nice trajectory and beautiful arc. He can also scramble and throw on the run. Tons of potential here! :thup:


I want to make a distinction between the odds of a taller QB doing well, based on ability, and the odds of a taller QB doing well, based on coaches' man-fetish for size at the QB position. Size doesn't guarantee jack. Look at the abominable success rate of NFL QB draft picks, size be damned. A 6'4" QB is as likely to be a bust as a success. The NFL places such a premium on size that smaller QBs are likely not even going to get a fair look from talent scouts and evaluators. That doesn't mean those smaller QBs have less chance of excelling on the field. It does mean, however, that their chances of getting to show what they can do on the field are smaller.

Wow, another one.

Narcissistic much?

Your god is content to let 66 or so people die in a plane crash over the Mediterranean, but at the same time actually cares what team you play a game for ???

[i]OHHH! Johnny knew this comment by Adams would get MadJack riled up! Johnny rolled his eyes at Adams' comment as well.

Johnny hopes Adams is all business and football when he gets here, and that he is discrete about the God stuff.


Als announced that Adams has signed a 3-year deal.

[url=] ... year-deal/[/url]

Great news!

Yes, yes we know your an atheist Jack. Give it up, this is a football forum.

Didnt necessarily like the trade, but hey I certainly hope Adams is the QB weve been waiting for.

Read somewhere he`ll be wearing his #3. I guess he ranks higher than Cody Hoffman.

Herb tweeting Adams will be available to the media tomorrow morning.


It's also insulting to people whose faith has gotten them through difficult times. Leave it alone. It was a super-innocuous tweet. People say "Thank you God" every day for all things great and small.

I like the trade. I just hope they don't rush him and burn him like they did every other kid in the last five years.

Great news! I definitely liked this trade. I was quite positive that a deal had to be completed, before Jim Popp could accept the trade

I don't worry too much about giving a first round choice in 2017. Looking at first round draft choices of last 5 years, Sheldon, not every choice was helpful or worth it. Rather take a chance on a QB.

-Year 2011- Brody McKnight. Total loss!
-Year 2012- Trade for BC for Sean Whyte. Great trade!
-Year 2013- Mike Edem,now with BC and Steven Lumbala retired before 2015 season.
-Year 2014- David Foucault. In NFL since.
-Year 2015- Chris Ackie and Jacob Ruby. Could be very good choices. We will know more this season.


Als also signed QB Jake Medlock out of Valdosta State (big guy) who was cut by the Stamps at their mini-camp.

I think its pretty clear that the Als are not convinced with the players behind Glen.

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