Vernon Adams

Who is Vernon Adams and is he worth a first rounder? Help!

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Yeah, don't quite know what to make of this either. He's just a prospect, completely unproven, and we give up next year's first-round pick?

Im thinking that Popp has already spoken to him and is serious to come here and work. If not it is a total waste. Im 50/50, gotta give to get and at this point who knows what direction where going in anymore.

This is a huge gamble by Popp
Giving up a 1st round pick for a QB that hasn't taken a snap in the CFL.

Sounds like he already wants $$$

“Both sides negotiated in good faith, but in the end it became clear that we weren’t going to be able to meet Vernon’s expectations as they relate to length of contract and remuneration,? said Wally Buono. “We’ve got very good depth at the quarterback position so being able to turn this asset into a first-round pick in next year’s CFL Draft is a win for the Lions.?

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Adams wanted a 1+1 deal which @GM_Brillo wasnt interested in. Plus a lot more $ than a rookie level deal. Plus Jennings isn't going anywhere

Well I do know Buono was after Adams for awhile and Wally and Popp have a close relationship and trust.
So I would bet Adams comes with a high recommendation.
I'm kind of excited for Montreal on this one.

Buono was saying that Vernon Adams was going to be BC's 5th quarterback in training camp. When the Seahawks and Redskins both declined to sign him after being passed on by everybody in the recent 2016 NFL Draft, Adams accepted the fact that he would end up in the CFL. His size was a big concern. Some said that he looked a couple inches smaller than his listed height of 5'11".

Anyway, Buono offered Adams Jennings-like rookie money, and everybody thought a signing with BC was a forgone conclusion. Then, yesterday Farhan Lalji reported that the sides were not close as Adams was probably in shock how little rookie wages are. My guess is that Adams and his representatives talked to the Als before he was traded to make sure that a contract was agreeable to both parties.

Trade sort of telegraphs how the team feels about Adams as compared to Cato and Bridge.

And in other news, the Als have added another quarterback as Jake Medlock supposedly has signed with the team. Story says he was of the QB's who participated in mini-camp.

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from his twitter account
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Can't wait to get to Montreal. #Alouettes. Thank you God.

I totally agree with this trade; yes, Jim Popp gave a 2017 first round choice, but a future QB is needed; it's always a risk, but I am confident. This trade tells me that Jim does not have too much confidence in Cato,Bridge and Boyd; 2 of these 3 could eventually be released, along with Crompton.


A combo of Glenn, Cato, and Adams would be the smallest QB trio in the league by far.

Yes, I agree that this trade signals how little faith Popp has in the QBs behind Glenn. Now it's up to Cato to prove Popp wrong.

I have to wonder if there are any conditions attached to the deal (e.g., dressing for X games, etc.). If not, Popp clearly has huge faith in Adams.

I say that the Als/Jim Popp will announce the signing of Vernon either next Monday or Tuesday. Vernon could be introduced to the press/media.

The signings of their first 3 picks in this year's draft could also be announced.


Herb Zurkowsky story about the deal. Adams has not signed yet, but Popp is confident that he will be in time for training camp.

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Not a all surprised by the 2 QB signing to day. I have expected this would happen. The CFL does scout the NCAA and, these signings represent a familiar route from the NCAA to being an NFL cut then, ending up with a CFL team. A number of our present QBs followed this familiar route to the CFL. The NFL appears to attempt to draft all the better NCAA QBs, then cut many from their rosters, usually the lesser lights and, certainly the guys who don't measure at 6'4. I'm sure Popp was aware of these guys from the CFL scouting that takes place each year and, was quick to sign Adams after his NFL trial .His stats look very good. He is another QB on the physically smaller side, quickly tossed away from the NFL and, I believe this could be a major signing by Popp. He could be another Doug Flutie.

As I was mentioning last week. There is a lot of pressure on this organization to turn things around. Popp is playing his reputation and probably his job this year and he does not want to put all the hard work of rebuilding a coaching staff (A great one in my opinion) at the mercy of the health of Kevin.

Cato is an enigma and Bridge needs a couple years of development So he went out and got himself a prospect QB. I suspect Cato may be traded but I doubt he would be cut.

As for the price. The seller sets the price based on offer and demand and even if the talking heads like Lahjiji are taking shots and ridicule at Popp. I am CERTAIN that there were a few teams out of Toronto, Saskatchewan, Calgary and Winnipeg and even possibly Edmonton who were willing to pony up a first rounder for Adams. Buono was not interested in trading him to a Western team and he probably bet that Toronto would finish ahead of Montreal.

So Popp did not overpay. There is no way to know how successful Adams will be or how long he will be with Montreal but the price paid was what market demanded.

So I applaud Popp for having the guts to pull the trigger and to recognize that he was not in a position to rest the health of the franchise on KG's shoulders alone.

Let's hope this is a great trade for both teams. The last time Popp traded a first round pick to Wally he got Sean Whyte and the talking heads were laughing at him then too. Whyte played four or five seasons for the Als until he got beat out by Boris Bede.

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I too applaud Popp on this particular move.
But I do find it typically hilarious that you now turn Whyte into a shining example of a great addition for a first round pick after mocking him for all his time there. Both sides of the coin are heads often for can't lose on the flip.

Ahhh! My resident Cuckhold is getting ready for the season I see.
How does played for five years become a shinning example ?
I was making the point that a draft pick remains a lottery ticket. Frodo was an average kicker and a good teammate the time he was in Montreal but he could not reliably kick from more than 32 yards and could not tackle to save his team if his life depended on it.
Buono turned the pick he got for White into Marco Iannuzi. Both teams made out with average players and good teammates out of the deal.

If he signs a 1+1 contract, which is what his agent is asking, Would it not take more than 2 seasons for him to adjust to the CFL game?
I wouldn't think he will be starting ahead of Kevin Glenn this season

Why sign for longer. I"ve been saying this for a while. It makes no sense for a player to sign longer the way the CBA is now.

Some of these GM's are comical... Look at Jennings, Buono got his agent into a 3 year deal Buono wanted. How did it end up ?

Jennings held out LOL ! So Buono had to pay him starter money anyway :lol:

Look at Chris Williams from your team. If the guy is really good, you'll have to renegotiate anyway.

Popp has figured it out. You try to help your player/employee reach the highest level of success he can and if you do that, he will respect you. Duron Carter is a great example. Winnipeg and Saskatchewan were willing to offer him whateve he wanted and he still came back to Montreal and now he's bringing his friends over and his dad is the Als biggest recruiter/booster.

With Popp & Co. having so far incorrectly evaluated Smith, Crompton, Cato, Bridge, Boyd as being the Als QB of the future, what confidence should we have in Adams being the guy? And we will have lost a 1st round draft choice in the process.

Hard not to be cynical at this stage.