Vernon Adams Traded To Sask.

Yeah, yeah, yeah and then the 29 year old was allowed to fail. I have yet to see ONE import recruit to make a contribution. Even his draft picks can’t even contribute on ST. He’s turffed SJ who has more yards than Jackson,might even be leading the league, Woods who has more tackles than Tovell with no training camp behind him, Ruby, Moore, Cash, Cato, Adams, Finlay, Perret, Shorthill. The collection of Hobos he’s brought to Montreal have either not seen the field or already been released. Now he gives up a young QB who cost us an arm and a leg to acquire for a dumpster dive and a an extra mid-round pick. I swear this guy is the Wizard of Oz.

  1. Import recruit: I see some import recruits making important contribution, mainly Durant, Simmons, Olafioye, E. Jackson, Dozier and Tovell.

  2. With hindsight, it is easy to say that it would be better with SJ than with Ernest, but the thing is that there was a 50/50 chance that SJ could turn out into a post-injury Jamel Richardson 2.0.

  3. You're right about Kavis' decisions being quite wacky.

My main grievances are: releasing Woods instead of Cox, going all in with 2 National DT, releasing M. Jackson who's doing great in Toronto, releasing Ruby while Sean Jamieson isn't ready whatsover, keeping Phillips over J. Johnson, keeping Pierczalski and Haidara over Alex Morrison.

  1. It is not Kavis' fault if Jim Popp decided to give up the Als' 1st round pick for Dan Lefevour 2.0.

Those players are veteran free agents. Guys like Dozier are Popp guys.

As for SJ there was no reason not to have him and Jackson. Imagine that offense with SJ, Jackson and Cunnigham. We likely have one or two more wins. Then he's paying Plesius close to twice what Shorthill was making and doing the same job??? Then six QB ! Oromasionwu I think is working security on game day...

Branden Dozier actually texted the Als and requested a workout. While I believe Kavis Reed was the GM by them, I would not give him credit for "finding" Dozier.

“I sent him a text, told him my name and sent him my film and just told him I’d like to do a private workout with him,? Dozier said. “He watched my film, liked it and that next weekend we did a private workout. I ran a 40 and stuff for him and he liked me and they called me later that night and signed me. From then on it’s just been grinding it out and making the team.?

We also know how Matt Shiltz ended up with the Als.

"I was working for Ernst & Young in Indianapolis when my agent called me in the middle of busy season (right around March). He told me that my name was brought up in conversation with management of the Alouettes and that they wanted to see me work out in Florida. One thing led to another and I chose to seize the opportunity and let the process shake out. Montreal ended up signing me and I haven't looked back. I am truly grateful for this opportunity."

It would be nice to have S.J.,Jackson and Cunningham but the MAIN PROBLEM the team would be OVER THE CAP BY NO LESS THAN $125,000. Add Bear Woods and you are talking a total of $225,000. to $250,000.

Easy to blame Kavis Reed after the facts, but decisions had to be taken and,in some instances, decisions were based on medical reports and also financial situation.

Injuries to Nat. players dictated the trade of Vernon Adams. As many as 9 Nat. players,including 4 Nat. starters, will be on injured lists this week. Kavis has or had to find players,otherwise there would have not been 21 Nat. players available this week.


On the point of reducing national starters, I couldn’t agree more! Injuries to Canadians make the game unwatchable. And let’s not bring up Calgary, which is one team and an elite team at that. The vast majority of the time, when starting Canadians are injured, a team has to field scrubs just to maintain the ratio. It’s ridiculous. I don’t want guys who’ve been out of the game for a year or who were C-listers at best starting because we have to dress seven Canadians. Drop the number to six per team and we’re good. This problem has been on full display since Ottawa came back into the league and it won’t go away unless the ratio reflects the ACTUAL number of talented and available Canadian starters, not what we wish for in our heads.

If I have to watch some Canadian has-been pretending to be a receiver for a third of a season just to maintain a team’s ratio, I’m going to lose my mind.

I totally agree. Of course, the Canadians should have a chance in the CFl however, as far as I know, a number of Canadian graduates every year prefer to sign with the NFL for obvious reasons (mostly $) and who can blame them. This situation means a depletion of the CFL talent pool which isn't numerous to start with. I believe seven national players per team is too much since it does affect the performance of any team at any time. I'm not an expert concerning the talent pool available therefore I can't honestly say if the number should be six or five.

I'm not blaming him after the fact. I was very precise and exact in my words when these two were removed.

Players get to become starters by taking reps and playing. Some teams do well with their Canadians because they play them... At one point with one third the prospects there are today, there were 12 starters. We rolled it back to seven and now we want to roll it back again. That's no solution. The Solution would be to field X Americans on special teams. You have to start as many American on cover teams as you start on Offense and as many Americans on kicking teams as you do on defense. That would change the landscape.

Calgary spent four years grooming Cornish behind Reynolds. They had the guts to start Singleton right out of the gate.They developed a Canadian QB into a star receiver. That's why Huffnagel and Buono are in a class apart.

Why did we acquire Tevaughn Campbell, a DB who suited for team Canada's rugby 7s in 2017, if he can't be available for the game in Toronto?

Campbell only arrived Wed. and didnt practice. Also had been on the Sask. 6- game, so wasnt practicing with them either. (Although you never know with Chris Jones.)

I don`t think it would be fair to him to throw him into the fire so quickly, and there is no real sense of urgency in the defensive backfield at this point.


Seems as though "mediocrity" has become the norm with the Als organization rather than the exception.

Si quelqu'un voyait un partant en Adams, pour ma part, je trouve qu'il en était assez loin malgré ses "succès". Considérant la situation découlant des blessures, je comprends que cet échange a pu devenir nécessaire.

Fans like you are why this team will never develop a Quarterback. The Flight back must have been a joy hey ?!

HfxTC, so you're an Eskimos fan now?! :slight_smile:

Don't be a stranger! And consider changing your name to HfxTC Alouettes slayer! :slight_smile:

Johnny could never change teams, but he is certainly losing interest in the Alouettes. Difficult seasons are acceptable, if a team has a solid plan and is rebuilding solidly.

This team is just throwing anything and everything against a target, and hoping something sticks! Johnny does not see much to be positive about for the future.

TC will always have time for the immortal Johnny! But TC can smell the BS coming from the basement of the BigO all the way to Halifax...

HfxTC - While watching the Als implode last season I was happy to see the RB do well and win the GC. Heck they did it three seasons in. The Als haven't been able to get to the dance since 2010.
Make the playoffs in the past two seasons.

I still keep an eye on the RB but now also find myself with interest in the Argos.

In any case, I was no fan of the Als hiring Reed and Chaps. And as we approach the midway point, Als find themselves 1 point ahead of the RB.
They may manage to squeak in given how the east has been so far. Reality is, one of the western teams will cross over so only two from the east.

My question is, will Wettenhal keep Reed and Chaps? If yes, for the remainder of this season, next and beyond?!
When no one else would hire Reed and Wettenhal gives him the key to the team, signing an aging QB coming off major surgery for $400k and seeing him throw for under 100 yards.
Like you (and others) tough to continue watching and cheering.

Maybe it is time for Wettenhal to sell. Get some new blood from the top. Couldn't hurt.

Will look to read you on the Esks board as well as CFL topics.