Vernon Adams Traded To Sask.

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The #AlsMTL acquired defensive back Tevaughn Campbell in exchange for quarterback Vernon Adams Jr.

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Popp gave up a lot to get Adams, not sure if that return is adequate

Johnny just has to log on for this. Cause he called it way back in October 2016! :slight_smile:,102703.0.html

So I now ask, Cato gone. Adams gone. Does Reed believe that Durant and Willy will hold down the position and bring the Als to the promised land for years to come?!

Good call Johnny. My issue with Adams was slowness in reading defenses.

Maybe not Tony, but it didn`t seem that Cato or Adams would have been the answer. Shiltz and Pipkin are 2 young QBs still around and we will know down the road if they have potential.

I can't say that I am overly surprised. When the Head Coach is not confident in the QB in short yardage, you kind of think that the end is coming. They won't keep a third string QB earning $100,000 to $105,000, particularly since Durant is signed for 2018 and 2019 and you have Drew Willy.

Easy to understand will the injuries to the Nat. players,although Campbell has not shown too much since he was drafted in 3rd round by Calgary,in 2015. He was let go and signed with Sask. in 2016. In 2017, has been on Sask. 6 game injured list. Has not played.

At least the Als receive two 3rd round choices,i.e. 1 in 2018 and 1 in 2019.


If they do not get shuffled out of town before hand. :wink:


Kevin Glenn - was on the Als opening day starter in 2016. He didn't win enough games and fans wanted the team to go a different direction.

Brandon Bridge - Started 2016 as the Als 3rd string QB. Released by Jim Popp after he refused a pay cut as well as being classified as being a project.

Marquise Williams - Was on the Als neg list in 2016. Kavis Reed dropped him when he took over GM duties.

Vernon Adams - Started as the 4th string QB for the Als in 2016. Rumor is he can't read defenses. His passing ability is marginal, and his size is not ideal for a short yardage QB. Poor pre-season numbers did not help his case.

Riders are 3-4 now with Glenn at the helm. Costing Riders a base salary of $200k (could possibly make upwards of another $100k which is at least $100k less than Durant.).

And if you are into stats, Glenn is slightly ahead in most, tied in INT's with Durant. Has thrown 4 more TD's than Durant.

Agreed. Cato not being invited to ANYBODY's camp, in a league always desperate for young QBs with talent, is a pretty powerful statement. That Adams didn't pan out is hardly a shock. Who was the last successful CFL QB that Popp brought into the league? Not certain how any of Daniel Vandervoort, Connor McGough, Nathaniel Behar, Randy Colling, Junior Luke, Geoff Gray, Evan Johnson, Mason Woods or Dariusz Bladek (players picked with Als 1st before Als "1st") are doing but with players falling like flies another young, talented National would be valuable.

The Als do have to make young QBs a priority. Durant is not durable and Willy is at best Kevin Glenn. Hopefully the Holy Shiltz moment from pre-season portends well.

I also believe it was a good short term move however, the not so distant future is still not assured. Let’s hope Durant avoid injuries for the time being. The long term solution at quarterback hasn’t still be solved. IMHO, At least Durant (if nothing serious puts him on the sideline) should be adequate.

Some positive vibes on the trade:

One of the posters asked " Who told Adams that he would never start?". I do not recall hearing or reading that. But probably missed something along the way.
Guess as someone else mentioned, the writing was on the wall when Will was brought in.
I just hope Durant stays healthy as I do not foresee Will bringing the team to the promised land if he goes down.

I sure hope that Reed and company keep one of the young "guns" around long enough to have him mentored and developed.
The organization has done a piss poor job in this area for years, even when AC was the starter.
Why is it teams like the Lions, Stamps, Esks are able to bring in young talent at this position who end up being quality starters?!

Wow! A player the Riders were going to cut and a pair of mid round picks for a young QB who won his first 3 starts.
I"ve seen enough…

If he's that good, remember that he could very well be an available free agent in 2 years... I think Durant is better than him, at least for the next 2 years...

Marquise Williams would have been an interesting prospect for Montreal. He went to UNC and broke all of Durant's records during his time there.

Well Jonathan Crompton won 8 of his 9 first starts...