Vernon adams trade

Adam's looks bad.could we pry stanback and an o lineman for evans

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you couldnt make that trade if the ticats were the team to thow in an o lineman instead.

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Stanback aside it looked like what Americans call "sandlot".

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Would have to be Evans. They'd never take Masoli for that.


We could throw in half our o line

Perfect. We win

Condell wouldn't know what to do with Stanback.

If we make him a slot back condell would let him run

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If winning is having two QBs that love to avoid trouble and throw against the grain in the other teams red zone than hey.

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Production from unorthodox plays, players is so annoying.

Yep because so many title winning football teams do that. Name one

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Thought it was defense and specials. Pick a lane. Stay in it.

I take it you cant name one

No, no one's won a title with a 3rd string QB with a ball control offense to emphasize what strengths remained ..put together in a week.


That's deflection. Name one

No, Condell has not won a title as OC. The same amount of title wins as Masoli. Why no empathy ?

More deflection .masoli isn't part of this thread. You still haven't named one team

Shrug. Title wins are the standard of success you set yourself. Don't know what to tell you.

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You would trade the QB that wins games and keep the mediocre guy thats barely .500?

If it makes the team better.yes