Vernon Adams to start in SSK

Jonathan Guay
Jacques Chapdelaine vient de me confirmer que Vernon Adams Jr sera le quart-arrière partant contre #SAK samedi prochain. Cato sera second.

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For you @WinTheDay fans that don't read French, @vadams_qb will be the starting QB this Saturday in Saskatchewan for the @MTLAlouettes. #CFL

Jonathan Guay ?@JGuayJDM 19m19 minutes ago

Tiquan Underwood and Marcus Henry (pratice squad) are on a plane to Calgary. They'll replace Carter and Stafford.

When Kevin Glenn was traded, Jim Popp said the team needed to look at Rakeem Cato and Vernon Adams. Thus, playing Adams this season should not be a surprise. I however, was anticipating Adams first coming in late in games when the outcome was already decided and then playing him more if he was effective.

Chances are: the game will be painful to watch at times, but then the Als have done mostly done nothing on offense all year anyway. Besides the Als have a bunch of QB's on their roster, and they need to evaluate what they have in preparation for 2017.

Both Underwood and Henry have experience as starters, which is somewhat comforting. But unless the O-Line finds its game, and we can establish a running game, Adams will be running for his life.

In which case we learn nothing about his capabilities, and we risk burning out a promising rookie before he is prepared to lead a CFL offense. I would give the start to Cato ...

Oh great. Time to watch Adams fumble every other shotgun snap while getting sacked like 100 times. Between this and Carter's release, I now do not want Chapdelaine back as HC (which prolly means that he will be back).

My feeling is that Jacques Chapdelaine considers Rakeem Cato to be someone who has happy feet and won't stay in the pocket long enough to run the called play. Although I am certain that Chapdelaine has little/no tolerance for this type of behavior by a QB, there are probably multiple reasons for the change that are reasonable to him.

Cato looked burnt on Saturday, time to spread the matches around.

The present situation is not be an easy one for either QB. Cato quite frankly has not shown enough, I think we will still be able to see if Adams has potential or not.

It is really difficult to fully evaluate QBs in pre-season, with 2nd stringers often playing. Might as well get a look at Adams now. Were only talking one game, if he wets the bed you go back to Cato. And if one game burns him, then you know hes not a long term solution.

Adams is in his early '20s, in his first year of pro football, hasn't started a pro game ever, IS NOT READY.

Look at any QB currently starting in this league and tell me that they were ready in year one of the CFL, even on teams that were vastly better than ours. Nobody is ready in year one; I don't care how much talent they have.

This is an incredibly poor decision that will not only not work -- it will not season Adams, it will not develop him, all it will do is damage his confidence and possibly get him injured -- but that also reflects poorly on Chapdelaine's patience in developing quarterbacks. After three games, Rakeem Cato is out? When he was sparkling in one of those games, throwing for four passing TDs, and was far from being the only culprit in the other two?

Adams is far from ready and being asked to start in awful conditions. Only guy happy is probably Wally Buono.

Vernon Adams Jr. is 23 years old. -born 1993-01-13- When he signed, he was not paid less because he was young; he is the highest QB on the actual roster. I know his salary has nothing to do with his performance, but I am positive that when he signed there was discussions that he could start in 2016. He played in Oregon against good opponents. Yes, he will be nervous, but it's time to see what he can do, under pressure. I don't want to compare him to Jonathon Jennings of BC, but he also was 23 when he started playing in 2015.


Int QB Connor Holliday and Int. TE LaQuan McGowan have been removed/released-today- from practice roster.


For every Jennings, there are 10 QBs who get torpedoed first time out. As for college credentials, bah. They all have gaudy college cred when they come up here. What I've seen of Adams this year, he's not even close to being ready. He is not a Jennings. He may turn out to be a good QB, but throwing him in right now isn't going to amount to anything but making him a pinata for whichever team he faces.

No oline, lacklustre recievers that don't catch or block, no running game, and the coaching staff blame the QB? Lol!

Glenn has failed this year. Cato is now failing. If Adams fails, time for the coaches to take responsibility, meaning I want AC out.

It wouldn't be so bad if they could at least protect a QB but they can't... They are all trying to save their jobs from Popp, JC,AC so throwing spaghetti at the wall is not unusual.

Bring in a new GM, Sunderland would be my choice and let him hire/retain his coaching staff and start a new era.

If you want to use schooling as analogy, Kevin Glenn was the tutor and should have stayed to help the young QB's. He is gone now, so the kids are on their own. We are now almost finished with the season, and the teacher Jacques Chapdelaine has now seen enough of Cato to give him a final grade. Rather than give Adams an Incomplete for the whole year, Chapdelaine wants to at least give him a Progress Report.

[i]Yup, Cato is a little bit being made the fall guy. On the day the Als cut two troublemaker receivers, implying that they were a big part of the problem, Cato gets demoted!

Maybe if Cato fails when given a functional offence with a bit of o-line protection, then you bench him. He never had a chance in this clusterfudge! :roll: [/i]

Cato is hot headed enough that should JC calls him into the game because Adams is embarrassing himself and the team, Cato is the kind of guy who could give him the finger LOL.

Can't wait for this season to be over and hope the Als close the books on Popp and the old man interfering in football ops.

CGY QB Bo Levi Mitchell and WPG QB Matt Nichols both came from the East Washington University football program.
Vernon Adams is also a EWU product.
Judging by their success at recruiting and producing quality CFL QB's, Adams has a pretty darn good pedigree.

good read here

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At this point, I say empty the bench and see what you have for next year.

While still doing whatever they have to do to win, we have to know who wants to play football for this team, and who is just going along for the ride.

With those 2 releases, the Als are now back to 10 players on the Practice Roster.

McGowan had nowhere to play for the Als. Besides the fact the Als use an all non-import line, McGowan's only possible position was at Offensive Tackle. From what I can tell, the Als used him at RT on the scout team. While one would think that his bulk was a strength, his size actually caused him to be too immobile to play that position. His chances of making it in the CFL would have been much better if he could play nose tackle.