Vernon Adams to be traded

Marshall Ferguson?Verified account
7m7 minutes ago
Moniz starts at QB for the #Ticats in Montreal. Manziel will play. #Esks and #AlsMTL are negotiating a trade for Vernon Adams Jr. which @CoachJuneJones expects to be completed “by the time I get inside?

June Jones says Ticats QB Vernon Adams will be traded today

Trading for a SAM? Or a starting national receiver? Pretty much the only question marks left at this point.

Hoping for a good return :), but,
expecting to be disappointed. :frowning:

Whatever weget for Adams is essentially what we got for Trading Hughes to Sask.

I wonder why EDM needs another QB?

Maybe they are already accounting for the Kevin Glenn Curse, which typically results in injuries to any QB ahead of him on the depth chart.

Possibly a 3 way trade,

Adams to EDM for ??

Glenn to WPG for a huge return

We gave up a premium D-Lineman and All Star Charleston Hughes to acquire Vernon. Lets see the return...I have been underwhelmed by every recent trade made by management.

It is possible that WPG is after Glenn(EDM) or Willy(MTL)

Adams to MTL for ??

Willy to WPG for ??

Both Glenn and Willy are comfortable in a LaPolice Offence

Trading for a SAM ? The way that Tillman has been trading lately the only SAM that will probably be coming our way is the rights for this guy........ ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

You can't get the sky for a QB that has been traded twice with no training camp with the team that acquires him and one year left on his contract.

SSK did! ???

Vernon Adams trades so far

Trade 1 - BC to MTL, for 1st round pick(#3 Overall[Vandervoort])

Trade 2 - MTL to SSK, Adams and a 5th, for Tevaughn Campbell and 2, 3rd round picks

Trade 3 - SSK to HAM, Adams for freaking Charleston Hughes, (HAM got Hughes for a 2019 4th)

Is Vernon Adams the new Kevin Glenn, play on every team in the League?? :o

According to June Jones the deal is already done, It is up to Vernon and his agent to pick where he wants to go. MTL or EDM

HAMILTON — June Jones says the Ticats will trade quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. to one of two teams.
The head coach said a deal would be made on Thursday, with Edmonton and Montreal both being involved in trade talks and the rest being up to Adams’ agent.
“Vernon, had a real good talk with him. We’re talking trade with two teams actually and it should be done by the time I get back into meetings, but I’m kind of leaving it up to his agent.?

Adams, 25, was traded to the Ticats as part of the shuffle that sent Charleston Hughes to Saskatchewan. The Oregon product has three CFL seasons under his belt, thorwing for 583 yards, four touchdowns and one interception.

He was made expendable after the Ticats signed Johnny Manziel, dropping Adams to third on the depth chart behind Manziel and starter Jeremiah Masoli.
“As soon as we signed Johnny it changed, that’s what I told Vernon,? said Jones. “I love Vernon, he’s a great kid. He played really well for me in the East-West Shrine Game. Everything in this league changes so fast, that’s what I told him — ‘maybe in two years you’ll be right back with me’ and that’s just how this is.
“The numbers changed so fast when we signed Johnny, that’s how it went out.?

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2m2 minutes ago
With regards to the possibility of Vernon Adams being traded to Edm,#EskimosGM Brock Sunderland confirms#TiCatsreached out, he considered it, but is happy with the QBs that he has. As for the possibility of Kevin Glenn to#Bombers: "KG is not going anywhere."@CFLonTSN

Sometimes the best trade is the one never made?

Tillman trying to create some "artificial" demand :slight_smile:

I don't mind Jones being open and upfront but that is just plain bad business mentioning the 2 teams that are showing interest in Vernon.
He could have left it as 2 teams are interested PERIOD.
Now potentially another team needs to do a bit of damage control that their team was kicking tires for QB depth.

A vet coach should know much better than this.

I agree. And, Grover's post that Coach Jones says the deal is done and that it's up to Adams and his agent whether he goes to EDM or MTL tells me that the return, from either team, will be a 2019, same round, draft pick.

How about Adams to Montreal for Bomben? Now that would be a blockbuster! Everybody going home.

I see no damage control needed. Just maybe what is going down will involve all 3 teams? But the paper route to move Adams to his final destination is yet determined. The biggest question mark is what are the cats getting?

Why not Trey Rutherford? ;D

Rick Moffat?
5m5 minutes ago
Hearing interest cooling on part of #Alouettes #Eskimos in #VernonAdams sweepstakes. Your move, Winnipeg.