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AHHHHH 3rd down nation!!!!!! The national inquirer of the CFL

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I'm not sure what you mean by this . Whether its not a true story or because its a piece of sensational journalism or whether you think it's unfairly singling out a Montreal player.
I find it to be an interesting piece outlining what a CFL player has to do to make ends meet when there are no games. And this is even more interesting in that VA is now a well paid CFL player.

One of the top CFL QB's in the League being a delivery guy for Uber eats,
And CFL fans get upset when people call our League BUSH LEAGUE! :nauseated_face:

Does that mean that 3rd Down Nation is the equivalent to National Enquirer for reporting on it?
Does the fact that the CFL has a low cap render it as bush league?

Well when there is no real content to write about, web sites need to get eyeballs on their site in any way shape or form to keep getting ad money. No new content and people will lose interest.
I’m sure these guys would rather be writing about football no doubt. Nevertheless it’s still pretty interesting and enlightening to know one of the top paid professional athletes on a team has to moonlight to make ends meet. I find this stuff more interesting than reading about Tyrone Crawford being placed on the PUP list for the Cowboys, a guy who hasn’t been in Canada since he left for prep school in the US what, maybe 12 years ago?

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3down did not create the article. The author was writing an Oregon-based story about a former local player that would appear in The Athletic. All 3down did was point out highlights from the story.

Original article just said that Vernon Adams is finally getting a big pay, but that all changed with the pandemic. Adams did get a signing bonus in the off-season, though he put 1/2 away for a rainy day. Thus, he took a job delivering food. While he could have made a little more money becoming a driver of passengers, Adams passed on that because he wanted the lesser chance of catching the virus.

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James Wilder Jr. story is much juicier than Vernon Adams' as Wilder is involved in what appears to be a MLM scheme.

why are pyramid schemes so illegal?
isn't it obvious that its just a case of buyer beware?

Anything more to go on than this? What is it all about?

Here's The Athletic article. Note that it's a subscription site (well worth it, imho).

Some excerpts:
"He went undrafted and unsigned by the NFL, ended up in Montreal, sat on the bench for a season, was traded to Saskatchewan, sat on the bench again, and then was traded to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats."

"The thing about Hamilton, though? Hamilton already had a bunch of quarterbacks, from former Ducks Jeremiah Masoli — who was about to break out for an all-star season — to former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel. When it became apparent that he didn’t have much of a future on the quarterback depth chart, the 5-foot-11 southern California native who ran a 4.86 40 at the NFL combine made a business decision.

“I told them to let me switch positions. I’ll take a pay cut and play receiver,” he said. “So I went to play receiver and was killing it.”"

"In October 2018, Montreal quietly signed Adams to a two-year extension. In February, Manziel was booted from the league. In Week 2 of the 2019 season, Montreal starter Antonio Pipkin was injured. In Week 3, Adams got the keys and led Montreal to the playoffs for the first time since 2014."