Vernon Adams Suspended

The CFL has suspended the Als QB for one game for his attack on Adam Bighill . I thought Simoni would be charged for that . :o

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

For obvious optics I have heard the league is waiting for the last game of the year to charge Simoni with getting in the way of his helmet when Adams swings it at him. I sincerely hope he is a better “ducker” than Bighill was. :wink:

With Montreal at BC this week, I wonder if the Als will struggle without the #1 QB . A Montreal loss would give them 6 losses . Their next two games are against Calgary and Winnipeg .

The pressure seems to be building on the Als ,as first place seems further and further away . Hosting the crossover may be the consolation prize for the Montreals .

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

CFL players of the week include a guy about to serve a suspension at #1, and another guy just coming back from his at #3.

Adams Jr., Wieneke, Harris named Week 15 Top Performers

I would expect that they would be very happy hosting the crossover considering what they went through the past few seasons and including the debacle at the start of the season. Expectations have already been greatly exceded.

I actually like the fact that the two things are not related. Players of the week should only be based on performance of the week.
Speedy had a similar situation earlier this year where he was player of the week and also got fined.

Speaking of Speedy, he has quietly achieved another 1,000 yard season, very little mention or fanfare. I guess this is just a norm now. ?

He’s been a little in the shadow of Addison lately.

It is awesome.

He is the best receiver in the league. If it weren’t for the transition time needed for Dane, Banks would have a lot more yards to his name.

Sort of agree 150GAGE, in so far as Adams and Speedy. Their fine/suspension are related to inappropriate conduct on the field. In Harris’ case, he was suspended for playing juiced. So, in the back of my mind, there is always that nagging thought that at least part of his performance was tainted. I mean, why take a performance enhancing drug, unless it enhances your performance?

Having a guy like Addison might give Speedy a bit more space out there and also reduce his wear and tear. That’s a one-two punch most teams would be envious to have.

Agree, you just never know.

To me it looked like roid rage. Hopefully they will be drug testing Vernon a lot now. Up until that gane Vernon was playing a bit like Masoli but youd never see Masoli do a face masking roid rage thing like that.

This is quite the take.

you can go off the juice and still ride out the benefits this season so cheater Harris will not have his performance comprimised this season.

Next season is where you might notice a drop being clean for a year. Cheater

I don’t a out you, but I haven’t seen a drop off in Speedy’s performance since his incident.
I’m sure he gets tested a lot.

Harris too may be the same.

Maybe he goes to fewer raves though.

Banks didn’t take a performance enhancing drug.

We can’t afford him bulking up to 160 lbs. He might lose some of that top end speed. ;D

My bad.

With Adams being suspended, it’ll be an even playing field between BC & Mtl. B.C. win will help securing No. 1 for us.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Montreal found a way to come together as a team and win.

I’m sure that’s what Montreal is thinking too. This is the best chance of a win without Adams in the next few games. He could have appealed and tried to take it against Toronto or Ottawa, but BC is as good a chance as any.