Vernon Adams on the move again?

Well apparently that was a short stint with the Ti-Cats.

HAMILTON — June Jones says the Ticats will trade quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. to one of two teams. The head coach said a deal would be made on Thursday, with Edmonton and Montreal both being involved in trade talks and the rest being up to Adams’ agent. “Vernon, had a real good talk with him. We’re talking trade with two teams actually and it should be done by the time I get back into meetings, but I’m kind of leaving it up to his agent.?

Crazy to think he will be on the move again.

Doesn't openly talking about trading a player (never mind by the coach) hurt whatever they would get in return.

Considering the Als traded a first rounder for him, maybe the Ti-Cats are hoping lightning and strike twice ;D

I’d really like to see this guy get a chance to play. I think there’s potential there.

He has been inspired by Glenn and will be on every team apparently lol

He's won more games for the Als than their four QB's combined. It just puts a capital G on Gong show that he would bring back a player he cut without giving any chance last year. Worse he traded him after Durant showed he was done to make sure fans wouldn't demand Adams played.

Adams agent would have to be nuts to send him back there with the same GM in place.

And if Sherman asked for the guy it also points to out of "alignment" and broken Kavis Matrix is ...

Adams seems like he would be the starter in Montreal once he learned the playbook. Willy didn't look great in the Ottawa preseason game, not sure the others behind him are ready to be full time starters either. As strange as it would be to see Kavis acquire him so soon after sending him packing, I think it would be a good move at this point to salvage a situation where his best move to fix the QB play from last year was Josh Freeman. If they head into season with the QB situation as is, it's probably a good thing Kavis spent so much money bringing in defense this offseason as they could be on the field a lot.

But how strange by June Jones to publicly announce they are moving Adams this way. Just bizaare IMO.

Adams lands back in Montreal

Now will they actually stick with him and give him any chance at development? May have no choice now. Should have never parted with him in the first place.

I'm sure it's not the back-up Hamilton QB that Montreal fans were hoping for...

Dane Evans ?? ;D

Is Vernon Adams the next Kevin Glenn?

Montreal, Saskatchewan, Hamilton, Montreal …

Hmm …

If the Atlantic team gets off the he could break Glenn's record :smiley:

I think Glenn is going to be their first starter like he was for the ORB ... but before the season, they will sign ___________ QB and he will be relegated to the Back up role again (too soon?)

Total agree! However who is worse. IT"S a toss up.

Ya beat me to it. ;D