Vernon Adams Jr

They can release him and resign him.

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That would be interesting. I’m not sure how that would work. He would be free to move to any other team if he was released. That would also be an end around the collective agreement. Would that even be permitted? If so why even have the agreement if it could just be ignored? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just up him on a new contract starting the following year?

just saw this from last week


That would be cool, but who are the ‘many’ who told him it would be 6-8 weeks? If they were doctors then man is he pushing himself faster than he needs to? But maybe he’s a super healing guy I dunno….

Wasn’t it the canucks that led the league in healing injuries years ago using some oxygen-therapy thing? Maybe healing happens faster at sea level…

i don’t know about healing but having lived in calgary, vancouver and now the island, i can say from my own experiences that my health issues and past injuries are much improved and better out here than on the dry prairies.

True, but if Cornelius doesn't progress, they might go in a different direction in the offseason.

It was a grey area because he signed his original deal before the new CBA.
Under the new CBA he would have to wait, I don't think anyone envisioned a rookie Canadian QB taking the league by storm and so this type of situation wasn't accounted for.

I believe I read from Farhan that the team would want to work with the league and PA on some way to increase his salary next season, releasing him and signing him would be a way.

Yes he would be free to leave but you'd think the contract would be agreed upon in good faith.

It will be interesting to see what happens for sure. All of this will be moot if an NFL team wants him but that may be unlikely given his injury. Or maybe he’ll return and lead the Lions to the Cup in which case he’s probably as good as gone anyway.

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If you have a look through the stats - with an eye to the fact he didn't play the first four games, Cornelius is, 18 games into his CFL Career, progressing well.

Now Saskatchewan, they could use him for sure. Instant quarterback upgrade for them. After yesterday it's glaring obvious where their biggest offensive problem is.

With a signing bonus assigned to 2023 ... like they do every December with extensions?

this. there was talks about this earlier in the season re: Farhan and i cant find it atm..

That wouldn’t be outside of the norm.

Can’t see them ignoring the collective agreement though. As they say, then everyone will be wanting one too.

Ferguson seems to be more ambivalent on Cornelius's progress, particularly in the short passing game, but I take your point. If he continues to trend upward, Edmonton will obviously keep him. Will be very interesting to see how the rest of the season pans out.

I do think that Vernon Adams contract was "restructured" by BC in early September. Based on CFL transactions of September 8,2022.


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not sure about that but most of his contract was front loaded

Adams Jr. received a $190,000 signing bonus and is due to make $445,000 in 2022. Last January he collected a $200,000 signing bonus as part of a deal that paid him $420,000 prorated this past year.

It was only front loaded to defend how BC could take on the salary.

I believe the Lions can re do the contract if CFLPA ,league, player and team agree. But I dont think Lions or Rourke will be in for more than $ 200,000 for 2023. Rourke needs to be mindful here of the progress he needs to show before the big payday. His NFL windfall is when he is 27-28. Pay attention to Moon and Garcia's patience rarher than Ray's impatience.

Yes your story has some merit, I spent time n Queen Charlotte Islands and many folks out there believe strongly in the restorative powers of the far west coast.

I live in BC and it is much easier than the parries where you feel like you a fighting something off, I lived in Edmonton for a long time as well.

Maybe they can re do the contract if all parties agree, but they shouldn’t. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but the precedent is a bad one. Next up is Dalton Schoen. Why shouldn’t he get more as well? Other teams may want to pay more to someone else in the same situation, either next year or future years.

I think they either need to follow the rule or do away with it. It’s not an unusual rule in sports. NHL rookie contracts are limited to three years and a fixed amount, NFL to 5 years, although obviously we are looking at more money in those leagues.

Yep many believe that if you can skirt around a rule you have no policy at all.