Vernon Adams Jr

I forget when VA is a free agent, Does anyone know? He will command some serious attention I suspect. I doubt that he will go or stay anywhere as a number two guy. I anticipate he will be Sask bound ultimately after Fajardo sets sail.

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So if Rourke is healthy then VA will be traded with contract in hand then? Tough call for BC, They may not be sure if Rourke is fit for a long while yet.

Is it still possible that Rourke signs with an NFL team in the off-season?

If he doesn't, the Lions will have to get creative to keep both QBs.

I can’t see them keeping Adams after this season and paying him over double what they will pay Rourke and O’Connor combined. He would be second or even third string on the Lions next year.

They may not be able to trade him with that contract unless another team thinks he is starter material. He may just be cut.

According to this Rourke is signed thru 2023

Rourke is under contract with B.C. through 2023 but will be eligible to pursue the NFL after this season thanks to the CFL’s recently reimplemented NFL window.

If he signs with the NFL during that short window,
They will need VAJr

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True but I’m guessing his injury may have killed his NFL chances for next year. Bad for him, good for the Lions and the league.


Perhaps the Lions could keep VAJ and then trade O'Conner for a kings ransom

Anyone know when Kurtis Rourke is draft eligible?

It'd a blast to see them both succeeding as CFL QBs.

i can't see that happening. there would be a revolt.

OOP's Senior moment! :older_man:
I meant O'Conner NOT Rourke
I will correct it

Well O'Connor is totally unproven still,

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Yeah, Rourke could garner a king's ransom. O'Connor, not so much. But, his being a local boy and all, I'd like to see him wind up on the Redblacks' roster if BC decides to send him packing.

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They won’t pay Adams some $400,000 to back up Rourke who will be making $70,000. Imagine how that would make Rourke feel. It also defeats the purpose of having QB money available no other team has to pay players at other positions.

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I don't think there is any doubt Rourke is going to get his payday
Either in the NFL or CFL, after next season


Trust me Rourke will be making far more than $70,000 next year. Lions will voluntarily up his salary. But they will let VA go.

BC will be giving Rourke a new contract this off-season (if he doesn’t go to NFL). Farhan was discussing this a while back. i expect he and Collaros will be highest paid CFL players next season.

Adams will restructure his contract if he stays with B.C., no doubt. Either that or he'll be released or traded. Edmonton, Ottawa, and maybe even Saskatchewan could be interested in his services.

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definitely don’t see Elks in on him since they just signed Corny to big money and they still have Fine developing.

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I am sure they would but my understanding is that they can’t do that due to the collective bargaining agreement. I could be wrong but that is what I have read more than once on this forum. They can only raise Rourke’s salary after next year.