Vernon Adams JR

I’ve always felt that Vernon Adams has great potential and needs a legitimate shot to be a starter. I think the Argos should try and pick him up. Anyone agree? I believe he can become a great QB in the CFL. Does anyone possibly see Toronto making a trade for him?

I thought it was Jim Popp who gave him a chance in Montreal then lost his favour for some reason .

I’m pretty sure it was Popp who brought him to Montreal. I wouldn’t mind him here in Toronto.

I like the three QB’s the Argos have now. I’m not so sure Adams will ever be a good starting QB in this league.

i think argos would do very well to get brandon bridge
[bridge was released outright 3 yr ago from mtl and argos could have gotten him w/o trade]

trade macbeth who played awful last 2 weeks

bridge almost beat argos in east final last yr - he is big and can run and a local gta boy - great back up for franklin - very similar styles

Trestman is suppose to be the QB guru. MBT looks at this point to be your typical good back up QB type. The coordinators around the League look like they are starting to get a book on him and limit his effectiveness. We will see if Trestman can elevate his play.
But I like the thought of Bridge being an Argo and counting as a National as well.

and, i know i will catch flak for typing this
imagine jerome messam in the argos backfield [guy who scored 2 TDs in 2017 gc]

great blocker, good runner, good catcher, very big body. loves inclement weather
local GTA boy - just imagine, bridge, cross and messam ALL in argo backfield ALL local GTA boys
i hope he is found NOT GUILTY in his court case

Quarterbacks don’t count as NATs or INTs, for roster-ratio purposes. The only way Bridge would count as a NAT would be if he dressed as something other than one of the three QBs.

Isn’t his record as a starter 3-1?

Look at Vernon Adams JR now. Yes, its only been a few games but looks like its starting to come together for him. I started this thread a year ago and I wish the Argos had tried to bring him to Toronto. Maybe the Argos should hire me to help rebuild this team.

I would gladly accept a job. :slight_smile: