Vernon Adams JR starting this Thursday

It look like Vernon Adams JR took the majority of first team reps this week. I thought he should've started the last game. This guys deserves a shot to play. Johnny will be number 1 but Vernon should be number 2 on this team.

Would bet that Adams's leash would be about 2 inches long......

I'm sure that leash will be 2 inches long but between Vernon and Johnny this teams QB situations is 150% better.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Als finish second in the east or possibly challenge Ottawa for first place with these changes this week.

In any case should be a better crowd tomorrow.

Would be funny if Adams came out and played some perfect football.

Won’t happen, but would be funny.

Since Manziel has proven nothing. If Adams managed to pull an upset against a top team and go 4-0. that would be money in the bank for Vernon, who's been treated very badly so far in this league. A lot of hypocrisy going on in Montreal. Sherman won't play Manziel because they only had two practices, yet they throw Adams in there who's had .....wait for it. Has taken reps for two practices.

The Als are going to cut a QB next week, it will likely be one of Adams, Matthews or Willy. Adams playing well probably means Willy and his salary are gonzo. Personally I think Montreal will have a tough time winning another game this season.