Vernon Adams Jr. exercises COVID-19 opt-out of CFL contract

Sigh. That's terrible news; but also, can't blame the guy.

I don't see the point. It's not like he has a shot in the NFL. 5'11 is CFL QB height.

Yep...sure is. It's a sad day for the CFL and fans. But as you say it's not VA's doing.

Height isn't too big an obstacle. Drew Brees is only 6'0", Russell Wilson is 5'11" and Kyler Murray is 5'10".

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Agreed. It's too late to sign on as a camp arm, but several teams have indicated they may carry an extra QB as a precaution against one of their QBs getting sick with covid. The Seahawks looked at him during 2016 draft, but didn't pick him up. Carroll did say, "He plays much in the same kind of formula that Russell has played — mobile, playmaking, big arm, efficient guy."
So, the Seahawks went with Boykin, who, you might've heard, is now in jail.


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see ya! He won't make it in the NFL.

I am actually surprised that more players haven't opted out.

So far, 76 players have opt-out; majority rookies. Of these 76, only 2 have signed a contract with an NFL team; they are:

Former Saskatchewan OL Dakoda Shepley, signed with San-Francisco.
Former Calgary LB Wigston MCManis, signed with New Orleans.


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This was a good strategic move by Adams for opting out.
Not only to see if there are No Fun League opportunities and in the alternative, to sign a new and much better contract with the Als while using some of the other possible CFL teams for leverage.

Vernon Adams just signed a multi-year deal, so the following applies to him.

My interpretation of what would happen is that Adams would be required to return to Montreal and honor his contract should he declare to play in the 2021 CFL season. He would have no leverage changing the terms of his existing deal. The team though could renegotiate downward by threatening to or actually releasing him.

iii. should the player wish to return to the CFL after being released by any NFL Club or any other professional football club, he must return to his CFL Club and honour the remaining years of his SPC. Once the player returns to his CFL Club, his medical benefits coverage will be re-instated and CEWS entitlement, if applicable, and all terms of his SPC will apply.

The player must make his election to return to his CFL Club by no later than January 31, 2021 for the 2021 season and by January 31, 2022 for the 2022 season. However, if the player has notified the Club of a willingness to report to his Standard Player Contract, the Club shall be required to restore the player to active status not later than ten (10) days following the receipt of such notification from the player.

If the member club chooses not to reinstate the player during that 10-day period, the player becomes a free agent. The Club, the CFLPA and the player shall sign a binding MOA setting out these terms before the player is released to attempt to secure employment in the NFL, or any other professional football league. The Player will be eligible for CEWS for the period of time before he makes his election.

You always have the best info on players and contracts - thanks for taking the time.

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I hope it works out for him - Uber Eats doesn't really pay that much. I know he wouldn't have made the move if he hadn't been talking to his agent, so there may be interest in him in the NFL. Most teams have their starter pretty settled, but many are still bringing QBs in for potential backups.

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