Verifying a Past Player

Can anyone help me confirm whether or not a Jon Jones once played in the CFL? He is now in his late 60s- early 70s so it would have been quite some time ago. Thank you.

No he did not play for the CFL. Searched the web and zip.

Just becuase you searched the web and he didn't show up does not mean that he did not play.

Well, do you know if he played in the CFL… :lol: I also searched Google and only found stuff about the NFL.

I couldn't find anything regarding a Jon Jones in the CFL. If he was a marginal player from upwards to 50 years ago (the 1950s) lots of luck finding that info on the net.
If you know which team he reportedly played for, I recommend contacted that team and asking, or god forbid, get thee to a library and check newspaper records as your best bet.

I checked the Lions website and he isn't listed as a past lion. One down , eight to go.

Exactly what he said... I am trying to put together an accurate roster for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. From the 1940s alone, I have found 30-35 names of players who played for the Bombers but do not appear on the all-time roster.

I checked the Renegades 2002 media guide, which contained a list of pro players for Ottawa dating back to the late 40's. Nuthin'.

Seven to go.

I'm doing the same for Ottawa and have also found all kinds of errors (though not so much ommissions as mistakes in spelling and the years that they played).

Silly just because you did not find it on the internet does not mean he did not play! Where have I heard that before? LOL

Checked the Ticat media guide.

There was a a Johnnie Jones, but he played in the '80s.

There are other Joneses from that era (Edgar in 1950, Bob (Blackie) Jones in the '50s, and Gene Jones in 1959-60) and more Joneses from the 1970s, who likely wouldn't be that old yet.

You can probably scratch the Ticats off the list.

Six to go.

Perhaps it might help if you could provide a few more details. This doesn't seem to be a random "past-player search," you seem to have someone and something very specific in mind. I wonder why? At any rate, maybe if you can give us all something a little more substantial to go on, perhaps dormant memories will be triggered.