Venting/my thoughts on today and moving forward

People can respond if they want but this is more me needing to vent. 1st off yes I am going to say to get rid of a cpl players, and i expect a few responses as always saying releasing this player or that player isnt the solution, and im a fair weather fan yada yada yada. I'm a 15 yr season ticket holder, 27 years old, and i'm fed up with this. I feel bad for seaosn ticket holders of 30 40 years putting up with this.

Anyways about today. this is pathetic. You can't win when you run the ball, what, 5 times in a game? This is embarassing. Chevon isnt the answer. We had 2 very capable backs in mallett and avon, maybe its time to call avon back, because this is not working. Speaking of RB's, Lamar is useless. he is player #1 I suggest to release. He had a great start in rpe-season and week 1 but done nothing since. Key drops, can't run, brutal kick and punt returns, fumbles. We can use that spot better and find someone else for kick returns.

Next our secondary is a joke right now. Yes we have lots of injuries, but come on. Watch the Riders secondary they are on us like butter on bread. Our guys are nowhere to be seen. Murray #0 has been embarassing himself out there. Find another LB this guy is useless.

As I type this another touchdown, to show this secondary is a joke and this is something that needed to be addressed in the offseason. Our defenseive line is getting ZERO pressure. Yes, we had 6 sacks last week. whoopie. year in, year out this is the same crap over and over and over. Until we get a pass rush, until we get a secondary, and until we get a running game, we wont be winning more then 5-6 games again this year if we are lucky. I am willing to eat words if I am wrong come on.

To have 0 points with 5 mins left in a CFL game, and not even be able to get a single point is a kick in the nuts. Time for the coaching staff to wake up, and time for MR austin to start making some better roster decisions, and maybe swallow his pride and call mr avon colbourne a ring tn on the plane.

Totally agree!

Great points! my two cents :absolutely NO RUN will eventually run Austin outta town ,throw every down , Walker is worse than last year when at least he was learning from Avon ... NO Fantuz and STicky doesn't help but I see some hope in our D coming slowly around.

Ken should ripe down there by limo and kidnap Avon. :twisted:

Their offence is so one dimensional, and it falls down on Austin and Condell. Keep Walker but use him as a second down passing back and let him get out in open field. Gable is not the guy either. I was shockd they released Mallet, and honestly think they should bring back Cobourne (if hes even in shape). This guy is a hard nosed back, he gets you those 4-5 yards a carry and can block! In regards to their secondary, it doesnt help when they have a new Defensive coordinator and a completely new secondary starting each bloody game. No consistency = no chance for the team to gel. Different season - Same $hit.

This team is actually worse than last years team.

Things they can't do to save their life:

-They can't even run 1 yard half the time
-Can't wrap tackles
-Can't pass the football
-Can't cover the pass on D

They also have brought a trend from last years team into this year. I am speaking of course of the endless plays that always gain a yard or two short of first down. Today it happened more times than I cared to count.

At this moment in time the Ticats look totally useless.

If these guys can't play, backup or not, why are they being paid to play pro ball? Many of them don't even seem to have the most basic of football fundamentals.

This team is a joke. They're pathetic and incapable losers.

Excellent call on the 5th Quarter right now calling it like it is...

I have said it all along get rid of the CIS tryout players as receivers they are crap, we are not the CFL team for the Quebec Football Association they have Montreal for that? Place your Canadian players in other positions and get some speedy American receivers with hands who can catch the ball, we only have Bakari Grant and Chevy Walker, Ellingson has to run longer routes when he comes back to the ball, he corrected his play by the second half but it was too late, do a 15 yard run and come back and catch the ball so you have the first down not run a 10 yard route come back and get tackled for a five yard gain that's hopeless, no wonder Austin was fuming?? We have absolutely No speed or deep threat, we should have at least two good players in that area!!

Oh boy another long season ahead if no changes made???

I din't watch much of this game but as far as I'm concered this loss was Kent Austins fault. The running game is PATHETIC Walker and Gable are not the answer at all. We will not win aganist anyone without some sort of running game and the players we have now aren't cutting it and Kent austin needs to do something about it.

8) It's not just the players that we have now, that aren't cutting it......neither is Austin !! :oops:

Bring in Boyd or Avon but hey MAybe they are near the Salary Cap and Big Bob can't cut the cheques $$$:lol: :roll: :wink:

You can win with the pass but you need a QB who makes more than one read, has a quick release, throws the ball away when necessary and who can throw the long ball. Henry's long balls never get the they receiver in the clear they always come up short, and he is always staring down his primary receiver. I cannot understand why we don't bring in tall speedy receivers.

We need some RB's and WR's who can play up the middle and get those tough yards through contact, not more twinkle-toes speed guys who dipsy-doodle east-west until the entire defence catches up with them. Losing Fantuz and Stala to make catches up the middle has been tough; lacking a strong running back who can force the issue up the middle has been a disaster, and completely self-inflicted. I agree with a post in another thread, Messam would have been a great add; Cobourne or Mallett would be far more effective than what we have seen so far from our existing RB's. We need a back who can run north-south, and use Giguere or one of the other receivers to do the outside sweep plays.

I totally agree with getting rid of Lamar. He had a couple lucky kickoff returns.

He put us in the hole to start the game by mishandling the kickoff. Her runs sideways instead of verticle, he can't catch the screen pass when he is wide open with open field. If this guy was the best we had in camp we must have done a poor recruiting job.

An earlier comment about how tight the Sask defensive backs player is not entirely true. There we times we have guy open with the closest db 8 to 10 yards off, it is on the QB to realize the coverages and check off or make a quick pass in these situations. By looking only at your primary receiver you make the other teams defense look good.