Vehicular Failure

It's Doug Berry & Taman if he's supporting that part! Remove and replace! Should get it started and moving! Any other mechanics that can diagnose the problem! Or agree with the diagnoses?

If you read the other threads, I think you will find that there are many who share your opinion.

Now, where DID I put that tar and those feathers??? :twisted:

So where did the Riders fall off the tracks. After our Greycup loss last year, we say we had some holes to fill. This year we underwent more changes, and now have more holes. So who's fault is this? We were not going to let the loss of Andy be our loss, so how did we help ourselves out, well we brought in a bunch of young new to the CFL talent at reciever, and thought we could have time to groom them, nobody was game or CFL ready. We didn't expect to loose the services of Rob Bagg or even Kerry Koch, so now we have three new recievers that we need to get league ready/game ready now. This does not take into account how we underutilize, some of our players....thats a different post. These changes to the recieving corps have made us change how we use our QB. It seems with the rookie recievers were making Darian stay in the pocket to read what the are doing, this should allow for Qb and reciever to get on the same page quicker and more than likely why it seems Darian is locking on to a reciever. If we allowed Darian to roll or run, he would look like a new QB in this league just tuck and running, when he didn't see anything. I think making Darian stay in the pocket is to protect him a little more, I know it goes against his's hoping it pays off in the end. We have the QB to take us all the way, and he has enough heart to do it, seems like we've just reined him in until all the cylinders are fireing.