Veggie Dogs at Concessions

Hopefully, someone from the Tiger-Cats management might see this post and take the suggestion/request into consideration.

My soon-to-be 10 year old daughter is a vegetarian (and constantly reminds about it! ha) and is wondering if the Tiger-Cats can offer veggie dogs at the concessions?

And, she also hope you could bring back the funnel fries :slight_smile:

I've emailed both Gerry Fonzo, the Senior Director of Stadium Events, Operations & Guest Experience and also Ryan, my ticket rep, but neither has gotten back to me or even so much as acknowledged my email. I'm certainly not demanding these menu items be added - just passing along a request. It would be nice to get a reply.

Don't meat in Hot Dogs :wink:

I would be shocked if there were any concessions anywhere in Canada that didn't offer non-meat options. They'd be missing out on a growing number of our population.

The old stadium offered veggie dogs in the 90's, so I can't see why the new one wouldn't.

It sounds like you've contacted the right people.

From my limited understanding, there is a contract in place with, is it Levy?, and until it is renewed we won't see many changes.

I thought the food was better at IWS - at least there were more options than the concessions. Personally, I've given up on the concessions at THF and try to eat before or after (or smuggle in a couple chocolate bars).

The standard concession stands are pretty brutal, but the temporary stands are usually pretty great.

two years ago (behind sec118 ): Philly cheese steaks (awesome, but gigantic)
last year (same stand): fresh tacos (less than great, but good effort)
Last year by the Cannon St entrance, the pulled pork sammiches were pretty spot on.

Honestly, the best concessions the stadium ever had was with only a few games left to go at IWS. They brought a bunch of foodtrucks. (poutine hotdog was pretty fun)

Corn on the cob joke goes here.

Hope she doesn't get her hopes up. I got a hot dog at THF 2 seasons ago that was the coldest, saddest looking thing I've ever been served.

Espo's post is bang on. The temporary stands are pretty good. Food trucks would be ideal solution, but I guess we're stuck with Levy for a few more years.

One of the most annoying things is getting emails from the team bragging about the new food options available in the club level, only to be stuck with the same garbage in the regular concession stands game after game. I'm not expecting anything fancy, but a hot dog (and veggie dog!) shouldn't be too difficult.

I have never encountered a dog that only ate vegetables.

classic bit, 15 years in the making.

Classic! :smiley:

And here I was just hoping they could make a hotdog, you

The only place where i admit defeat to The Arblows is at the concession stands.

The food is trash. There is no imagination or anything worth buying. I eat before I go to the game.

My apologies in advance to bobbythefinch and his daughter. A veggie dog at a football game? Our concession food is barely credible now, a veggie dog might just push us over to the barely edible. :wink: How about you fill her up on veggie pizza slices, popcorn and chips? BTW, I’m not a nutritionist, just a grandparent, so I know all about ruining a kid’s diet. :smiley: