Vegas odds on the Grey Cup

Wow ... Not only is Hamilton not last, they're above three other teams!!!!

PartyBets gives ...

Calgary - 3:1
BC - 4.5:1
Edmonton - 6:1
Montreal - 7.5:1
Hamilton - 9:1
Toronto - 10:1
Saskatchewan - 12:1
Winnipeg - 15:1

( ... ague=22704)

and Bowman's gives ...

Calgary - 2.6:1
BC - 4.5:1
Edmonton - 7:1
Montreal - 7.5:1
Hamilton - 9:1
Toronto - 10:1
Saskatchewan - 13:1
Winnipeg - 15:1

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However, I've learnt that hosting the Grey Cup usually hurts you more than it helps!! Oh well, we're still the defending champs until at least November :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

What I think the odds should be, which doesn't mean anything

CGY 3 - 1
MTL 4 - 1
EDM 4 - 1
BC 7 - 1
WPG 12 - 1
SK 12 - 1
HAM 20 - 1
TOR 25 - 1

They mean as much as the Vegas odds

My odds on the Vegas odds being totally wrong:
1:1 :smiley:

I still have to put Toronto a favorite over Hamilton.

Anyone know the last time a team went from missing the playoffs to winning the cup the next year? Or the last repeat?

The answer to both those questions is the Argos. They were the last team to win two in a row, in 1996-97. But in 1995, they were dead last in the league at 3-15. (One significant improvement was hiring Doug Flutie as the QB.)

fair enough, I think the odds are fairly accurate, although I might place Edmonton above BC. Might as well take a $10 flier on the Bombers with those odds. I guess it all depends if I'm feeling like throwing 10 dollars away or not.

Hamilton came very close. They were 2-16 in '97. In '98 they went to the GC and lost by a McLoughlin Field Goal. And of course won the next year. That was quite the turnaround.

Kevin Glenn ain’t no Doug Flutie.

No, but Quinton Porter might be... :wink:

I'm joking, he probably won't be. I just laugh at everyone who seems to think Kevin Glenn is our starter this year. Clearly don't follow the rest of the league, just their own team.

If you feel strongly about Edmonton and Montreal and really like those numbers you gave above... it is worth your time to get to Las Vegas or go online and bet them, as they are overlays against your personal line. Edmonton is at 6-1 and 7-1 on the two lines given with Montreal at 7.5 to 1. Bet those kinds of edges enough times, if you think those are really legitimately 4-1 shots AND you are accurate in your assessment of the true chances, and over enough trials you will make a LOT of money... Montreal has been a strong contender for years and the odds given by LV are 7.5 - 1 ?? Thats ridiculous as this is only an 8 team league and 7.5 - 1 is almost the same as random chance. Seems there is an overlay opportunity on Montreal at least, to me anyway.

this should be the real odds .sorry if it offends anyone, but just think your betting 500 dollars. What bet would you actually make. Best of luck to all.

   calgary------- 3 to 1
   bc       --------4 to 1
   edmonton ----5 to 1
   montreal -----6 to 1
   toronto-------12 to 1
   sask----------15 to 1
   hamilton-----20 to 1
   winnipeg-----35 to 1

Odds will never be that high for the "worst" team according to odds. It is an 8 team league!

Post Training Camp Odds:

CAL Stampeders 2.65
EDM Eskimos 4.50
BC Lions 5.50
MON Alouettes 6.50
TOR Argonauts 12.00
HAM Tiger-Cats 13.00
SAS Roughriders 13.00
WIN Bluebombers 17.00

Good thing I got $100 down on the Esks about a month ago when they were 6.5:1 :thup: I'm surprised Winnipeg's odds are significantly worse than toronto or hamilton.

I don't think anyone believes Hamilton will win the Grey Cup. But that doesn't mean the Argos have a better shot.

Kerry Joseph is no Doug Flutie either. And while the Tiger-cats improved at the positions that were their weaknesses last season, I don't believe the Argos made any improvements at all. The only real loss the Ticats suffered was Lumsden, but considering that he only plays six or seven games every year, I think it's a loss they can overcome.

Turkeybend is going out 0n the limb here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should be:

CGY 3.5 - 1
MTL 4.5 - 1
BC 5.5 - 1
EDM 6 - 1
SK 9 - 1
TOR 10 - 1
HAM 11 - 1
WPG 14 - 1

i really dont see how winnipeg is below hamilton or toronto. im not saying there any better off but there definately not in any worse shape heading into the season.... compare the three

Winnipeg has the best recievers of the three

winnipeg has a better run game then toronto, and as good as hamilton

winnipegs oline is new but full of experience.. potential to be solid and looked great in pre season. i cant put tor or ham that much ahead of them in this category either

winnipegs d line is easily the best of the three

winnipegs linebackers will be as good if not better than both tor and ham

so yes winnipeg has some real questions at the qb position and in the secondary but overall has a not bad team, i really dont see how after the pre season anyone could put them below tor and ham just judging on what we have seen so far...