Vegas' odds for the Grey Cup

Was working a night shift and the score had the vegas odds in the bottom part of the screen......I honestly didn't make these up....

Toronto 5-2
BC 3-1
Calgary 7-2
Winnipeg 5-1
Saskatchewan 6-1
Edmonton 10-1
Montreal 10-1
Hamilton 15-1

Don't know if these are current or before the season...but since montreal is at the bottom and for some reason some idiot thought toronto has the best shot i'm gonna go preseason odds....

The CFL and Las Vegas should never be used in the same sentence again!

Oh come on, know your whole Posse want to hear about it...

Those are preseason odds for grey cup winner. Here are current odds at sportbooks.

Saskatchewan 4.0. Toronto, Calgary and BC all 5.0. Montreal 7.25. Winnipeg 10.0. Edmonton 11.0. Hamilton 15.0.

Odds change often during course of season. High reward equals high risk or uncertainty. In the playoffs or distant future, anything can happen.

Don't think my riders should be up there by them selves....calgary should be just as high if not higher....Plus hamilton's odds should be higher than toronto or winnipegs....IMO

For those who have never gambled what does the higher number mean VS. the Lower! this is Greek to me? I'd like to be able understand this. Can anyone tell what's up without making fun of me?

The closer the number is to the number one the better their odds.....

For example if the Riders are 2-1 while the Bombers are 10-1 it basically means the riders have a 1 in 2 chance while the bombers have a 1 in 10.....hence the riders are the better odds.

WHere they get those numbers fun, some form of statistical analysis, i have no idea....

I do believe the numbers have a monetary value attached to them.. using the odds that are first posted, if Toronto wins at 5-2 odds for every $2 you bet you get $5 in return.