Vegas NFL Picks Weekly picks

For any of those of you who play for real whether small time like me or not, here we go.

Normally whether playing for real or not, I'll make paper picks based on the odds just to keep my skills sharp or test the luck. Also I never post real picks explicitly because if you have done that before, perhaps you have found that's bad luck.

However for weeks one and two in the NFL, I don't play for real and for sake of these picks, I just do them to check the instincts for better or worse and see how the luck is looking. This is not even real funny money.

And so for sake of no contest (yet?), no tallies, and just for fun, here goes and go for it yourself to check your luck or skill however you wish.

All lines of all games from which I chose these picks are as of 1:25PM ET Monday 6 September, so they will change no doubt by the time you make your picks.

I just happened to pick three road opponents to prevail against the spread (ATS) too.

Baltimore, New England, and Carolina are amongst my initial picks to win their divisions too subject to change by week three, but in case of QB injury subject to change altogether.

Good luck and good fun.

NFL Week 1

$7 MN +4.5
$8 CAR +7
$10 CIN/NE Over 44.5
$21 BAL +2.5

NFL Week 1;

$7 Phil +3
$8 49ers -3
$10 Jets/Bal over 36.5
$21 Saints -6

$11 Detroit +6.5
$11 New Orleans -4.5
$11 Arizona -3.5
$22 San Fransisco -2.5

Paolo X; Are we going with the odds I posted with or the odds just before game time?

Like at the sports book, you get the line/odds when you made your bet.

Like at any sports book there is no revised bet allowed, but if you are reconsidering you may however add a bet including even the opposite position.

JMAN with a pretty good day at 3-1 and +$8. We'll see tomorrow night how Backer and I finish up.

We both got screwed on our chosen lines on MN/NO, with me due to a botched extra point on a great line of +4.5 and JMAN getting lucky on that one in taking New Orleans by the same margin.

And we see why we don't bet for real the first week eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

2-2 for me but +$13.20 ...on to next week for real funny money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck and good fun to you, and this is only for fun.

I don't have access to a bookie here in Tampa like I did when I lived in PA two years ago after living three years in Las Vegas and coming out a winner (a small winner plus all those free or cheap drinks for that matter, but still a winner).

In week one there is a lot of luck too, as you don't know the teams. If you win big after week 1, your instincts are probably pretty good but you are no "expert" given the luck required. Here's who I have, and make your own picks just for fine using the lines on the Vegas site or via or another site, and post away as if you were betting real money.

$7 Indianapolis +10

$7 Buffalo +3

$11 New England -5.5

$21 Detroit -7
$7 Detroit/St. Louis Over 45.5

$11 Carolina -2.5

All lines of all games from which I chose these picks were as of 1:00AM EDT Thursday 6 September, so they will have changed no doubt by the time you make your picks here or otherwise.

$5 Ind +10
$5 Bal -6.5
$5 SF + 4.5

2 i really like are
Ny Jets - 3
teased at 7 points neworleans with philadelphia

great selections guys

also liking alot

Miami/Houston Over the Total Of 41 1/2
also like houston team total over 27 points

It's better to just use the new NFL 2012 thread from this point forward guys.

Otherwise it was a rough day for me as noted in that thread, but Detroit's disappointment at home against a bad team is the most to blame for that.