Vegas NFL Picks Week 6

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Good luck again.

I'll try these picks for size;

$12 N.E. -2.5/BAL
$12 JETS -3/DEN
$12 INDY -3/WASH

$8 HOU -4.5
$14 NO -4.5
$7 OAK +7 (more confident than $7 here, but then I reminded myself that these are the Raiders)

$18 Two-Way Parlay


$10 O40.5 Oak/SF
$10 Tenn -3 / Jax
$10 Atl +2.5 / Phi


$11 DAL/MIN O44.5

ATL/PHI Over 41.5 $22... fave pick
MIA/GB .... MIA +3 $11
KC/HOU.... HOU -4 $11
TEN/JAX.... TEN -3 $11 ...... how wont chris johnson run over jacksonville?
SD/STL..... STL +9 $11.... SD sucks lol

And i think dallas/minnesota will be decided by 3 or less, but i unno who will win

2-0 +$21.80 this week so far and not by much Backer! :thup: Looks like maybe you found your lucky number too?

Oh I hate night game picks, but good luck. :slight_smile:

Ugly tough week with two near-misses out out of the three misses, and this is about the time of a season with such narrow misses where I bow out for the most part until the playoffs. :slight_smile: At least my "skills" are still ready to head back to a sports book for the free drinks too. :smiley:

3-3 -$10.25 Week 6

12-8-1 Weeks 2 To 6 +$23.70

Talk about hot and you also had a bonus prediction with no bet that hit! :lol:

3-0-1 +$40 so far and what a turnaround from that wreckage in Week 4! :rockin:

much betterrrrr

4-0-1 +$50.00 in just one weekend? :o

JMAN I bet you won some real $$ this weekend and made up for more than that awful one two weeks ago. :cowboy:

Honestly, I woke up too late on Sunday (I was even 20 minutes late getting to the Rider game lol). I was kinda pissed that I missed out on betting on proline this weekend, but oh well.