Vegas NFL Picks Week 5

This week's board looks friendlier as the truly good teams emerge and those that have disappointed already work to hold on to something:

Here's the link to the complete rules again and good luck and good fun:


$7 KC +8.5
$7 CIN -6.5
$14 CHI/CAR U47.5

Hope to do better this time; :expressionless:


$10 Tenn +6.5 / Dal
$10 40.5 Over Jax/Buf
$10 Det -3 /Stl

Going to add another bet to double up here …$7 KC +8.5 …

Note that the bet on the O/U for CHI/CAR is not a misprint, as I thought it might have been when I looked at the site yesterday.

I watched the site for about a half hour and it continued to show that line under Caeser’s. Later yesterday the O/U on that game was about 35.5 as it remains now.

Did you get some real $ on it then lol

No doubt I should given how I have done so far, but that's for the playoffs or next year ...I'm new to this area and don't know a bookie yet. :frowning:

I don't do online betting either.

I hope you post your pick later this week whether for real or not.

Interesting movements in the board since our picks, so good move guys to pick based on the early odds as is my preferred and tested method.

Anyway you going for it Jman?

Welcome to anyone else new:

Yeah Ill make some picks. Just got back from the Rider game. Ill prolli post them later tonight.

Damn I forgot to make picks lol... Oh well, Ill do $22 on Phi +3

Ah damnit 1-2 this week and -$8.30 ...just when you think you know the teams they suck it up.

Season to date 9-5-1 and +$33.95 ...

one or two more weeks as the boards get harder and that'll about do it until the playoffs.

I also like Minnesota tomorrow. i think itll come down to a fg

The current line is MN +4.5, but you taking that or the WIN?

Pinnacle has the money line at MN +193.

Brett Favre is in for quite a week no matter what :lol: See the Favre thread if not already.

Billy Soup goes 3-0! 5-1 for the season in just two weeks and by my count +$35.50. :o

I'm 3-11 so far by my count. Brutal

$11 +4.5

Now if only I would have put actual money on it.