Vegas NFL Picks Week 4

For fun and funny money again, and any of those curious or new it is far harder than you think, but here we go again for NFL Week 4. I'll be at this most likely through about Week 6, at which time the bookies are just too damn good and I lose interest until the playoffs and once in awhile on a game with too large a spread with some "obvious" favourite that is overrated.

Good luck again and good fun. :thup: :slight_smile:


Current Lines On Which Most Of Our "Bets" Are Based By Rule

So far going with or against such odds is a tough go; It's a matter of picking the right games (with luck) I guess.
Week 4;

$10 / G.BAY -14/DET
$10 / JETS -5/BUFF
$10 / PHIL -6/WASH
$10 /N.E./MIA UNDER 46

$7 Rams To Win
$7 NY Jets/Buffalo O37

Spot on Backer -- avoid the difficult picks and just take the ones that jump out at you.

Speaking of which, this week I am going light because there are so many darn "gotcha"/sucker and risky picks and the bookies already are getting better. "Gotcha" picks are especially those in which the seemingly obvious team does not win or cover. Also many of the over/unders are that much tougher now.

I'm watching those to see how my suspicions on them hold up, and I'll list them on Friday assuming everyone has their NFL bets in by the start of the CFL game. This week those taking those picks I think either will make major bank because in retrospect it was "easy," or they will be howling after really getting screwed over by their picks in the 4th quarter.

$10 Den +7 / Tennesee
$10 Phi -6 /Was
$10 Det/GB O45.5

Playing it safe paid off for me -- 2-0 +$12.70 and 8-3-1 +$42.25 season-to-date (we started for real in week 2).

Damn right the bookies are really good, as already today three underdogs beat the spread and three of them won including a decisive win by Denver on the road (great tough call Billy Soup!). Only the NY Jets in the early games won handily as the favourite.

Billy Soup already 2-0 and Backer 1-1 with both cheering for Philly behind at the half 6-17 with a lot of ground to make up. Given the breakdowns I have seen by the Redskins over the years, it is far from impossible I tell you.

Even my old girlfriend still in Philly told me she would boo McNabb as dear as she is, but there you go they cheered him before the game but then booed him when he took the field as it should be. :lol:

I really want McNabb and the Redskins to win today too.

Any onlookers sign up to test your skills in a very hard endeavour next week starting about Tuesday night when the lines are out, and come on back Jman after perhaps a breather on a tough board. :slight_smile:

I forgot to post on here, but I am getting killed this weekend. The only other game left I picked is

Chi +3.5


Wow JMAN I donโ€™t want to imagine the rest of your board in that case. :o

Billy Soup great debut at 2-1 too. :thup:

It was baddddddddddddddddddd.