Vegas NFL Picks Week 3

Just for fun again with rules here:


This board looks more fun than last week's for which none of us came out ahead in funny money:

Good luck.

$11 CIN -3
$7 DET +11
$7 SD/KC O43.5

$8 Two-Way Parlay
NY Giants -3
PIT/TB O33.5

Here's My Picks;

$13 N.E. -14 / BILLS
$13 PHIL. -2.5 / JACK.
$13 G.BAY -3 / BEARS

$11 Phi -2.5
$11 Hou -3
$11 GB -3

Not a change as is against the rules, but a correction here so the right game is listed for my bet. I listed KC instead of Seattle in the over/under by mistake.


$31 IND -5.5

Wow good week for me at 4-2 +$29.55, and Season-To-Date (starting week 2) I am 6-3-1 +$26.75.

The meltdown by the NY Giants at home certainly was hard to explain.

Winning the week for you JMAN and redemption for you Backer await with Green Bay tomorrow night.

Solid pick of Philadelphia. :thup:

Philly is my team. I really liked them in this situation and Mike Vick is for real.

In my past I have had bad luck with Monday night games as well as with most Sunday night games in the regular season, so I am going to stay away from those for the most part.

Notice for example how the Chargers, Saints, and the Packers, with each team I picked to win the division as did many, disappointed and lost, failed to cover the spread, and lost on the road on Monday Night Football respectively.

Of course one could take his chances with the opposite strategy betting the underdog to cover at home for such games on Monday nights, but with the teams involved in the first three weeks on the winning side of the best in the Chiefs, 49ers, and even Bears that was risky for anyone who really did that.

I wasnt impressed at all